Commonly used symbols in mathematics and the reading of Greek letters

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The mathematical symbols and Greek letters that often appear in foreign languages are often difficult to pronounce and have to stop and get stuck. Many friends may have encountered this problem. I searched on the Internet and sorted out a list of mathematical symbols and Greek letters in Chinese and English pronunciation, including the address of the webpage on the Greek letter real-person pronunciation page of the application Mathematics Department of South China University of Science and Technology, hope to help people who see it.

Mathematical symbols content mainly from Peking University Chinese Forum: Tid-18288-page-1.html

Greek letter content mainly from Zhang Hao's blog: Logid = 159 & cateid = 7

South China University of Science and Technology Applied Mathematics Department Greek letter real people pronunciation webpage address:


+: Plus (positive)

-: Minus (negative)

*: Multiplied

Partition: divided

=: Be equal

≈: Be approximately equal

(): Round brackets (parenthess)

[]: Square brackets

{}: Braces

Usage: Because

Authorization: therefore

≤: Less than or equal

≥: Greater than or equal

∞: Infinity

: LogX to the base n

: The Nth Power of X

F (x): The function of X

DX: diffrencial of X

X + Y: x plus y

(A + B): bracket A plus B bracket closed

A = B: A equals B

A = B: A isn' t equal to B

A> B: A is greater than B

A> B: A is much greater than B

A ≥ B: A is greater than or equal to B

X → ∞: X approches infinity

: X square

: X cube

: The square root of X

Greek letter reading method:

No. upper case and lower case English Phonetic Alphabet Chinese phonetic alphabet
1) α Alpha A: lf Alpha angle; Coefficient
2 beta bet beta magnetic flux coefficient; angle; Coefficient
3 Gamma GA: m gamma conductivity coefficient (lower case)
4 Delta delt Delta change; density; refractive power
5 Ε ε Epsilon EP 'number of the silon iloan logarithm
6) Ζ ε zat truncation tower coefficient; azimuth angle; Impedance; relative viscosity; atomic sequence number
7 * eta eit eta; efficiency (lower case)
8 Θ θ thet θ it tower temperature; Phase Angle
9. Tiny, a little bit
10 Κ Kappa KAP kapa medium constant
11 Lambda lambd lamboda wavelength (lower case); Volume
12 Mu mju lead magnetic conductivity; micro (1‰); amplification factor (lower case)
13 ν nu nju new reluctance Coefficient
14. 127ε Xi KSI
15 minutes ago Omicron OMIK 'ron omixerong
16 percentile π PI Pai circumference rate = circumference diameter = 3.1416
17 Ρ p-rock Rou meat resistance coefficient (lower case)
18 Σ σ Sigma 'sigma Sigma total (upper case), surface density; cross-guide (lower case)
19 Τ tau Set Time Constant
20 Υ υ upsilon jup 'silon yupu xilong displacement
21 Phi Fai foio magnetic flux; Angle
22 o'chi PHAI West
23 Gbit/s PSI psai Puxi angular speed; medium-voltage flux (static power line); Angle
24 omega o 'miga Omega ohm (uppercase); speed (lowercase); Angle
Click (Department of application mathematics, South China University of Science and Technology)

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