Comparison of WCDMA and CDMA2000

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Both WCDMA and cdma2000 meet all the technical requirements of IMT-2000, including supporting High-bit rate multimedia service, packet data and IP access. The wireless transmission technology of these two systems is based on DS-CDMA as a multi-user access technology, in terms of technology, WCDMA and CDMA2000 in the advanced technology and maturity of each have advantages, but overall, WCDMA seems to be more than a chip, The following are some of the advantages of WCDMA relative CDMA2000:

(1) The bandwidth and chip rate (3.84MCPS) used by WCDMA are more than three times times that of the CDMA2000 1x Evolution Family, thus providing greater multipath diversity, higher relay gain, and smaller signal overhead. In addition, the higher chip rate also improves the receiver's ability to solve multipath effects.

(2) WCDMA in the community site synchronization design is the use of asynchronous base station, while the CDMA2000 base station is usually achieved by GPS synchronization, which will result in indoor and urban areas (using indoor antenna) the difficulty of deployment.

(3) because the TDM access system supporting 1xev-do uses a shared time division multiplexing downlink, it has a fixed slot, so cdma2000 physical layer compatibility is poor.

(4) WCDMA can handle voice and data mixed business more flexibly than CDMA2000.

(5) The frequency of WCDMA power control is almost twice times of cdma2000, reaching 1500 times per second (1.5kHz), thus guaranteeing better signal quality and supporting more users.

(6) The pilot channel of the CDMA2000 needs about 20% of the downlink total transmission power, in contrast to WCDMA only need about 10%, thus can save more public channel overhead.

(7) All the services (such as billing, security, roaming, etc.) that are deployed to support GPRS services based on GSM also support WCDMA services, and in order to improve the new data/voice network, CDMA2000 1x must add additional network elements or upgrade the function.

(8) in mixed voice and data traffic, WCDMA system performance is more outstanding than cdma2000.

Therefore, from the technical point of view, WCDMA has a certain advantage, the telecommunications enterprises are also more inclined to adopt the standard.

In addition, in the traditional Network foundation and market promotion, WCDMA occupies a greater advantage. Because the global mobile system has 85% GSM systems in use, and the best way for GSM to 3G transition is through GPRS evolution to WCDMA, so the absolute advantage of traditional network makes cdma2000 difficult to WCDMA. (Computer science)

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