Complete javamail User Manual. <organize and organize javamail by referring to the online content.>

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1. Where is the start:
In the initial environment, install your j2sdk and your web server. That is to say, your machine should be able to run jsp.
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No matter here
2. Install javamail and jaf
JavaMail is an API released by Sun to process emails. It can easily perform some common mail transmission.
Supports pop3, imap, and smtp.
Although JavaMail is one of Sun's APIs, it has not yet been added to the standard java Development Kit (Java Development Kit ),
This means you must download the JavaMail file before using it. In addition, you also need Sun's JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF ).
The execution of the JavaMail Activation Framework is very complex. In this example, JavaMail must depend on its support.
Go to and add two zip packages (javamail and jaf)
3. Configuration
Decompress the two zip files to c: (here is an example. You may be different)
Add mail. jar of javamai and activation. jar of jaf to the environment variable.
4. HTML source code used to send emails
<FORM action = "sendmail. jsp" method = "post">
<TABLE align = "center">
& Lt; TD width = "50%" & gt;
To: <BR> <INPUT name = "to" size = "25">
& Lt; TD width = "50%" & gt;
From: <BR> <INPUT name = "from" size = "25">
<TD colspan = "2">
Subject: <BR> <INPUT name = "subject" size = "50">

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