Configure local Yum source in centos

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Centos local Yum source configuration-CentOS-6.4 as an Example

1. Place the image CD in centos or find the image file and mount it to the system.

Mount/dev/CDROM/mnt/CDROM #/mnt/CDROM directory must be created first


2. CD/etc/yum. Repos. d/# enter the/etc/yum. Repos. d/directory.


3. mkdir Bak

And move the CentOS-Base.repo and CentOS-Debuginfo.repo to the Bak directory so that local Yum source installation can bypass the network


4. Edit the CentOS-Media.repo configuration file

# CentOS-Media.repo # this repo can be used with Mounted DVD media, verify the mount point for # CentOS-6. you can use this repo and Yum to install items directly off the # dvd iso that we release. # To use this repo, put in your DVD and use it with the other repos too: # Yum -- enablerepo = c6-media [command] # Or for only the media Repo, do this: # Yum -- disablerepo = \ * -- enablerepo = c6-media [command] [c6-media] Name = centos-$ releasever-media # custom name baseurl = file: /// MNT/CDROM # Local CD Mount path gpgcheck = 0 # Check GPG-KEY, 0 is not checked, 1 is checked enabled = 1 # enable Yum source, 0 is not enabled, 1 is enabled

4. Run the command after the configuration is complete.

Yum clean all # Clear Yum source Cache

Yum update # update Yum Source

After the update, you can use the local Yum source to install the corresponding service.


5. test:

Yum install gcc-C ++ # Check whether the command is successful



Configure local Yum source in centos

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