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Yesterday, I saw a friend said that the vsftp installed with the TAR package can not log in with local users, I feel very surprised. But I have only done rpm, so I have no say. Today on their own machine with the TAR package successfully installed and configured a vsftp, now my process and you say, I hope to help you!

First, installation instructions: If you like me originally have RPM of vsftp, just uninstall, you can omit 6-11 steps, if the original did not install VSFTP, please follow step-by-step.
12.make Install
Change the Disable=yes to No and save the exit. Then service xinetd restart,ok! The new vsftp is ready to work!
Description: The default installation of VSFTPD is initiated in a xinetd manner. You need to do the above, and in a moment, we'll change it to a standalone boot service.
Enter user name FTP, password direct return, ok! It's ready to connect! Enter quit exit. Then FTP, enter local user and password, but prompt login faild! Why? There was a small local user-certified Pam file.
15.CP Redhat/vsftpd.pam/etc/pam.d/ftp (Note that you will not be able to log on with local users without this step!) )
16.CP vsftpd.conf/etc/vsftpd.conf (now, by default, only anonymous users can log on)
Change the Anonmous_enable=yes to No (no anonymous links, no security)
Remove the comments before the Local_enable=yes (open Local User connection permissions)
Remove comments before Write_enable=yes (open Local user's write permission)
Remove the annotations before the local_umask=022
Service xinetd Restart
18. Test again
Log in using an FTP user blank password, login faild will appear
Log on using a local user, ok! It's done! Upload file, also ok! [/LIST:U:93F3C4A2DB]
Is this going to be a finished thing? No, do an FTP, we usually need some special requirements: for example, a user I only allow him to download, not allow him to upload, another user can download or upload, but he could not delete the file, can not rename the file; In addition, I also need my FTP to use unconventional ports, limit the speed of download, An administrator user is also required. Then what? Please look at the section below!

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