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Generated by the conference of clustering in the file system design [Adverse Effect], I began to think about [Dynamic transactions). What is appropriate? How is the fit measured?

Men and women are suitable; African men are not suitable for small women in the East, but they are more suitable for women in the East. Visible,

First, there must be a standard for suitability;

Second, whether it is appropriate or not is based on quality, and how appropriate it is based on quantity.

Third, the higher the suitability, the higher the efficiency, and the greater the value generated. Efficiency is the amount of work done per unit time, and efficacy, or power is the "existence" nature of the system. The system does not know the efficiency and value. In any case, "God" creates me, that's what I look like. Give me energy. I live and do my work in a fixed mode. What I have produced is good or bad for the outside world. If there is good, it is evaluated by a third party, because the value is subjective.

Fourth, it is a verb. There are at least two objects involved and there is no active or passive relationship. The relationship is derived from the need for two objects to perform activities (system work), or the strong relationship maintained by system tension, it can also be an unexpected relationship between random events. That is, the proper relationship occurs between the elements in the system (Strong tension) and the boundaries of the two systems (weak tension ). If we think of the two systems that are "suitable" together as components of a system with a larger granularity, they are everywhere, the difference between "fit" lies in establishing the intensity of an appropriate force field.

Moderate and fit

Let me start with the appropriateness, reminding me of "moderate". Abstract:


The saying of destiny; the saying of probability; the saying of Taoism is the saying of religion. The Taoist can neither be detached nor be detached. Therefore, the gentleman is cautious about what he does not turn a blind eye, and fear what he does not hear. Mo Jian Hu Yin, Mo Xian Hu Wei. Therefore, the gentleman is cautious about his independence.

Zhu Xi explained:

LifeAnd juling.Sex. The yin and yang of the five elements of the life, the gas to form, and the reason is also given, still command. So the birth of the characters, because of the Principles assigned by each other, thought that the health of the fiveGermany. Rate.Dao, Juluyou.

If the characters follow their natural nature, there is no way between their daily necessities. And the festival. Although the sexual path is the same, and the gas or difference, it cannot be better than the difference, the sage because of the character when the practitioners of the festival, think that the law in the world, it is said that the teaching, if ritual, happy, criminal, and political is also. The reason for building a person is "Tao" and "Sage" is "Teaching" is because of his own. Scholars know that they are not enough to learn what they know. Therefore, the readers should be considerate and knowledgeable.

Taoist, daily things as the principle of action, all the virtues of nature and with the heart, no things do not have, no time otherwise, so do not leave. If it can be detached, it is an external object rather than a Tao. It is the heart of a gentleman who is always in awe. Although not heard, they do not dare to ignore it, so they save the truth without leaving them alone.

Vernacular Translation:

The natural endowment of a person is called "nature", "Tao" according to nature, and "Teaching" according to the "Tao" principle ". "Tao" cannot be left for a moment. If you can leave, it is not "Tao. Therefore, the noble people of pinde are also cautious in the places where no one sees them, and fear in the places where no one hears them. The more hidden the more obvious the place is, the more subtle the place is. Therefore, a person with high moral character is also cautious when a person is alone.


The joys and sorrows of the past, said in. The sum of all vertices. Also, the world is big. And also, the world's reach. In the middle, heaven and earth are born, and everything is born.

Zhu Xi explained:

Le, Yin Luo. In the middle section, go to the sound. Joy, anger, sorrow, joy, and affection. If it is not found, then it is also sexual, and there is no bias, so it is said. All are in the middle of the festival, and the true feelings are also well-behaved, so it is the sum. The spirit of destiny, the truth of the world, and the spirit of the TAO. The Taoist means that the ancient and modern worlds are co-authored and the Tao is also used. In this regard, the virtues of temperament mean that the Tao cannot be separated.

And pushed to the extreme. And Anqi. The nurse, hence the birth. From fear and appointment, so that to the quiet, no less bias, but its keep, is very in which and heaven and earth. From the unique and refined, so that the places where things are to be, there is no less difference, and there is no suitable, it is extremely and all things education. Cover the world and all things, I am one, my heart is positive, then the heart of heaven and earth is also good, my gas is good, then the air of heaven and earth is also good.

Therefore, its effectiveness is as follows. The power of this learning, the power of the sage, is not yet to be done, and the cultivation of the TAO is also in it. Although it is a combination of dynamic and static characteristics, it must be embodied and then used with the line, it is actually not two things. Therefore, in this case, we will end the above.

Vernacular Translation:

When the joys and sorrows are not shown, they are called "medium". When the joys and sorrows show that they are consistent with the degree of the festival, they are called "and ". "In" is the nature of everyone; "and" is the principle followed by everyone. When we reach the "neutral" realm, heaven and earth are everywhere, everything grows and breeds.

Some important concepts are mentioned here, such as [nature] and [medium], [Channels] and [Sum], [Germany] and [neutralization]. From the general and special aspects, nature, morality, and morality are general, and medium, [and] and [neutralization] are special. From the perspective of dynamic and static time and space, [sex] and [medium] are static structures, and [Channels] and [and] are time-based dynamic work processes. Finally, [Germany] and [neutralization] are standards (Standards for comment suitability ).

It is a wrong interpretation to understand the mean and turn it into the meaning of the compromise and the moderate content; while some people understand the mean as a static absolute answer to the question, such as driving a car to a certain place and arriving at the destination is moderate. It is not moderate to pass or fail. This is an explanation of how moderate is applied to a special example. It is incomplete, three-dimensional, and essential. Moderate (suitable) is a kind of decision, which must appear in the context of a certain situation, and there are two or more stakeholders (different systems) in the context to create friction and establish a certain relationship, then collaborate to do work. Moderate means finding the most effective relationship model for multiple stakeholders. Seeing moderate as compromise is the result of focusing on the unilateral interests of stakeholders; seeing moderate as a static answer is not abstract enough, without seeing the essence of moderate.

Finally, I leave two questions to think about. First, what is the relationship between the path, the steps of doing work, and the methods, strategies, and processes? Second, the criteria for doing work are subjective. Doing work is the desired effect. How can we measure the effect?

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