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Content Structure reference of Business Requirement survey documents (Attachment)


In order to further clarify business requirements, reduce errors in software development and adjust business needs, and prevent system re-engineering risks, we have prepared the following requirements for the business demand survey documents, you want to perform the command by reference.

Business developers must be proficient in or familiar with basic business knowledge and understand computer software development technology. The results are easy for business personnel to understand, and then converted from software requirement personnel to development documents.


I. Description of Current Business Operation

1. Description of the current business operation, which varies with different sub-companies and different types of projects;

2. Company System and business requirements, detailed provisions on the Implementation System of each sub-Company, sub-Company, and Project Department;

3. The organization and position of the business operation, and the application scope of this business. (General, branch, Project Department );

4. Collection of business documents and reports;

5. Business Operation Time requirements: frequent occurrence and period occurrence (Months, seasons, and years ).


Ii. Organizing, optimizing and designing business requirements

1. Overall business logic process design;

Parameters are passed through interfaces and interfaces of other services.


2. design the approval process for different business documents;

It is required to describe the flowchart, as well as the positions, roles, and limits involved in each step;


3. Basic data design: provides detailed basic data.

For example, contract type

4. Document Interface Design and document encoding rules

The interface is designed as required. You can also use a tool (word or other,

Define the field (type, precision, interface control type, required? Null Value requirement ?).

Data Relationship between fields: for example, unit price * quantity = amount, current period + last period = end of current period

Uniform layout style requirements for documents: layout by two or three columns, requirements for window expansion or reduction, and control requirements.


5. Document serial number encoding rules: Can I modify the code and require a reconnection?

For example, contract code: control unit code-organization unit mnemonic code-year (4 bits)-serial number (4 bits)



6. Document list Interface Design

Field arrangement order,

What are left Tree requirements? Parent and Child table display?


7. print report format requirements (uniform format. If different organizations have requirements, different formats are provided)

The format is designed based on the Word Table.


8. Design of service warning parameters

Requirements: Design alert conditions and receive alert personnel.


9. Design of query report condition parameters to display the requirements and order of the fields on the page.


10. Global Parameters

Does this business require global or project-level Parameter Control in multiple scenarios?


11. BI Business Intelligence Design

Provides comprehensive business intelligence analysis at the leadership level (company or department) and multi-dimensional business in-depth analysis at the master level.

12. design requirements for business-related permission roles and principles for assigning user permissions (roles.


Iii. Test Data design (multiple scenario design and data)

1. General scenario data

2. Special scenario data

3. Basic data


The following factors should be taken into account in contract data scenarios:

1) different types of contracts: Engineering and labor services (materials supplied by ?) ?)?

2) Can the unit price of the contract be changed during settlement? For example, the settlement price of fuel (diesel) may change in different months;

3) The retention precision of the amount (RMB, angle, and points). The business department may require that the settlement of the labor contract be accurateRMB, The Machine material contract is accurateMinute. And affects the accounting creden。 of the financial department.

4) manual settlement is automatically calculated by the system. How can the amount difference between the two be solved;

5) what are the differences in the settlement process steps (the labor contract has a confirmation document for the number of equations, which may not be required in other contracts) and the final settlement documents?

6) Does the contract List need a tree structure?

7) contract changes (subject changes, amount (list) changes, parameter changes, and split changes ).

8) Do the contract need to be split into WBS? Do changes need to be split into WBS?


Iv. Document Signing Process

1. Key business roles participate in the discussion and revision of the document; (representatives from subsidiaries and project departments and promotion teams)

Presided over the discussion by: business department or information center. Determined by personnel level.

Participants include: Implementation Group, system group, software developer or consulting representative.

2. The business director or department leader of the Headquarters signs the signature;

3. Information Center review comments;

4. Opinions from software developers or consultants.

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