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First, list the unique BL recipes:

[[Recipe: crispy bat wings]
Under a tent in Brel, this is really easy to find.

[[Recipe: crispy fried lizard tail]
You can find it at the crossroads.

[[Recipe: Roast codoon meat]
Wenna, a cute ox, in a tent in the blood hoof Village

[[Recipe: braised pork dinner]
Glemtack, In the razor Ridge

[[Recipe: Ground rat stew]
Granb gave the task. In a tent house on the side of the road at the crossroads of barren land, fabb needs 15 levels of cooking and 40 levels of cooking.

[[Recipe: crocodile stew]
Oakmar, a fat fool in the village of the fern wall.

[[Recipe: bobcat steak]
Ranranis, on the second floor of the hotel in the ruins of yinyue city, is handsome GG.

Next we will start to collect the unique BL drawings.

Step 1: Set up an orcs, a ox, a blood genie, and a zombie, and stop at the razor Ridge, blood hoof village, silver moon city ruins Hotel, and Brel on standby.

Step 2: train one of the accounts to 15 levels. I recommend you train Orc hunters because they are near the crossroads. Level 15 does not look very high, but it is actually quite troublesome, but it can be tolerated to dig the mouse. As for why it is a hunter, let's talk about it later.

Step 3: grade 15. Should I have five or six Gbit/s? Mail a little money to the blood genie, the ox, and the dead trumpet, and take the drawings there.[[Recipe: bobcat steak],[[Recipe: Roast codoon meat]And[[Recipe: crispy bat wings]I bought it and mailed it back, plus the razor Ridge[[Recipe: braised pork dinner], Four images.

Step 4: Learn cooking and rush to 40. This is very simple. Didn't I beat some meat before training? Use those. What are you selling? It doesn't matter. The cooking trainer also taught you how to make the hot bread. You just need to find a supplier to buy more flour and sweet spices and start making the hot bread, you will find that cooking has reached 40.

Step 5: Go to the crossroads and buy it by the way.[[Recipe: crispy fried lizard tail]Don't forget to set your home here; then, go to grab to pick up the hamster job. I want you to catch eight hamster. You ran a long journey south to the taola group camp. The plane drove by, and then left to buy it in the village of dust mud and fern wall.[[Recipe: crocodile stew]After buying it, I flew back to the Tola group camp and Ran south to balmodan to start digging the hamster.
Now the advantage of LR is coming out. Here are all 22-23 monsters, LR uses BB to lead the monsters, then kill the hamster and hurry to pick it up. You can also kill monsters, but you need to be careful whether it is kill monsters or BB monsters. It is a long way to run the bodies. It is very difficult to avoid death. Fortunately, we only need eight dead bodies, and then we can handle them.
Hearth stone goes back to submit the task,[[Recipe: Ground rat stew]Now!

Step 6: Now you have to stop this number in neutral ah, and find a quiet time to go to Lm. It is recommended that you go directly to the thorn Tooth City to take a boat to the treasure, then lm large double drive in the night and send it to the time to run to jjs, to see that no one else has been on the auction site, and then who will take a look at the winter Valley (although not valuable, but you still need to pay attention to the security-_-). Make sure that the last one is safe.

finally, I want to talk about GX you !! You have mastered all the BL-specific recipes.

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