Cool Music Box can not connect the network how to solve

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Cool Music Box cannot connect network solution:

1, open the browser, click the "Tools" →internet option → "Manage Add-ins" where all suspicious plug-ins are disabled, or you can accurately know that there is no problem with the reservation.

Then tools →internet options → General page → delete cookies→ delete files → check delete all offline content → OK → Set the disk space used for: 8MB or below → ok → erase history → pages saved in history days: 3 The following → application OK (my own use of the settings is "0" days).

2, restore browser Advanced settings: Tools →internet options → advanced → restore the default settings. Do not want to restore the default settings keep the setting of the first article unchanged.

3, restore the default browser method "Tools" →internet options → procedures → The bottom of the "Check Internet Explorer is the default browser" to the previous hook selected, OK.

4, set the home page: "Tools" →internet options → general → You can change the home page address → type your favorite Web site → application.

5, if the browser poisoning on the use of 360 security guards, scan plug-ins and disable suspicious plug-ins.

6, if you use the Golden Hill poison tyrants and other anti-virus software to its rules, then open the application software, then open the Application rules list, find cool music box, to its access to the network a hook allowed, the problem should be solved.

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