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I'm going to apply this version of X3 to work as quickly as possible, although most of the company's designers are using 9, but I have X3 this version installed on their own computer, X3 in the Celeron 3.06G and 512 of the memory run can also be, maybe I do a little bit of the file, open the file is a bit slow, Nothing else is wrong.

I didn't use any version between 9 and X3, I was jumping directly from 9 to the X3 user group, the symbolic features I don't remember is in that version there, when you look at Corel's officially licensed textbook, this particular feature was discovered. Today, the use of the time to take a moment to try this function, the feeling can also.

Using symbolic features can greatly improve your productivity, and you can customize any graphics you like. Remember when you used the 9 symbol library, in a big string of characters looking for, just can't find your ideal, now, with the X3 symbol Library tool, you can install any symbolic graphic definition you like to the X3 program, of course, external resources can also (any vector graphics on the network), So the next time you need this graphic, you can directly pull up the symbol panel. is not very good, if you want to do so, please come with me ...

Important: Understand the symbol library, learn to customize the symbols, new symbols, export to the library and other practical skills, do not underestimate these skills, it can help you greatly improve productivity.

Let's take a look at what the X3 symbol library looks like: Edit the Symbolic commands below the menu, or you can press CTRL+F3 to pull up the symbol palette. As shown in figure:

A, custom symbol.

Use the graphical drawing tool to draw your own symbols, which can be any vector graphic, and not necessarily your own drawing. This example is mainly to teach you how to add some of the graphics you need to the symbol library in X3 to make it easier to call later.

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