[Course design] Sprint Review and Summary & comments & Team contribution

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[Course design] Sprint Review and Summary & comments & Team contribution

First, review and summary

(1) Review

Burndown Chart:

Sprint Plan-Flowchart:

Milestones completed as follows:

(2) Summary

After another round of new sprint, we finally completed this stage needs to complete the task, unknowingly has experienced two stages of the task sprint, team members from the beginning to get rusty to the present become more tacit understanding, we can mutual supervision, mutual improvement and common progress. At this stage, we have basically let the order meal system to form, the interface is also doing more and more beautiful, although there is still a lack of functionality, but I think compared to from the beginning I have made a lot of progress, in the process I also constantly learned a lot of previously untouched knowledge. Although there are some process steps that are less likely to be developed in the team, I think that through these two sprints, it is basically possible to say that everyone is keeping up with the large teams.

Software engineering is not only a discipline to learn how to develop software, more importantly in the process of development, it may not be how to achieve the ideal state, but the team can follow the software development step by step, this is very good, because only such a step to familiarize yourself with the process steps, In the future development work in order to develop a better program, so that the program for a while how good it does not mean that really in the process how to do very good, your team can not follow the process to go, your team does not have that kind of team spirit, the results of the program will become their own results, Therefore, it is very important to study software engineering in the course of the development of soft ware. Looking back at our team development, we also have unpleasant times in the development process, but after our adjustment, in the team's mutual supervision and correction, our teams are constantly integrated, especially in the discussion procedures should be used in which method to complete the day task, we follow the product every day The backlog knows what to do next and keeps the team from pulling back.

I believe that in this period of time, in this stage of the sprint to learn something in the future also useful, but also hope that our team can absorb the experience of other teams in the next stage, to correct their shortcomings, in order to develop errors in the early development to continuously urge progress, to achieve more goals, to make an ideal multi-fish point meal web system.

Second, onlookers and comment on other groups






Third, the team contribution points

Members of the group and individual contributions at this stage

Name School Number Blog links GitHub links Personal contribution (20*n* ratio) 80
Huang 201406114134 http://www.cnblogs.com/hgf520/ https://github.com/crown999 27
Lulichin 201406114130 http://www.cnblogs.com/luliqin/ Https://github.com/luliqin 24
Raiving 201406114129 http://www.cnblogs.com/lieson/ Https://github.com/Laixinyao 18
Xu Heng Blue 201406114122 http://www.cnblogs.com/xhlbk/ Https://github.com/xuhenglan 11

Team Blog Address:http://www.cnblogs.com/hgf520/

Team GitHub Address:https://github.com/RegionalCrimeUnit

Task progress bar & Development log:http://www.cnblogs.com/hgf520/p/6061154.html

[Course design] Sprint Review and Summary & comments & Team contribution

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