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PS Design unique interesting text printing wallpaper, this tutorial will guide you how to use a few simple steps to create very interesting and unique printed wallpaper. Even beginners can create this effect, and then consider adding their own style, I believe you will enjoy learning this tutorial! You will learn how to create beautiful backgrounds, add bright effects and so on ... Let's get started!

Step 1-Create a background

First open a blank document size of 1920x1200 pixel, fill the background color #242424. Copy the background layer, named Film Grain. Then go to the filter-art-film particles. Apply the following settings.

Set the opacity of the layer to 50%, now your wallpaper effect should be like the following image

Step 2-Lighting

Create a new layer, name it lightning, and then select the black to White radial gradient tool.

Draw the gradient shown in the following figure

Set the layer to overlay, opacity to 55%, the effect of the following figure:

Step 3-Add brushes

Load Adys Grunge brushes (click on the left side of the page download is download), create a new layer, with a brush smear a little. Set the opacity of the layer to 15%. Load concrete texture, put it in your document, and set it to overlay, opacity to 10%.

Step 4-Create the main text

Download the Bebas font (the top right side of the page opens to download), create a new layer, and type the text. I choose the smooth mode of the PT size. Color doesn't matter. The named layer is peace.

Step 5-Add background text-a very important step

Reduce the opacity of your text to around 15%. Create a new layer group (layer-new-group) and name it words. Create a new text layer in the group and start typing. Try using a different font and size. Try to avoid too much space between words and words. The fonts I use are:






Times New Roman


and a few more fonts

Some free fonts from Dafont, Colaborate, Extravaganzza

Step 6-Create effect

When you have finished copying your words group (Layer-copy group), merge it (Ctrl + E). The words group that you did not merge is not visible. Find your big main text layer (here I am, it's peace), hold down the CTRL key and click on the thumbnail layer. This loads its selection.

Then click on the words layer you merged, press CTRL 10 J, and if you make your merged words Layer Invisible (the unincorporated group of Letters is still invisible), you should get the effect.

Step 7-Create the effect of the background text

Make the merged words layer visible again, applying the following layer style.

Set the opacity of the layer to 30%

The merged words layer is then copied and placed below the original merged words layer. Then go to filter-blur-motion blur, apply the following settings.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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