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1. Install cruisecontrol
0) install the Java SDK and set the java_home environment variable.

1) download and decompress the package, for example, 2.8.3: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cruisecontrol/files/cruisecontrol/2.8.3 /.

2) use cruisecontrol. bat or cruisecontrol. Sh to start cruisecontrol.

3) Check the project log result at http: // localhost: 8080/cruisecontrol.

4) InHttp: // localhost: 8080/dashboardView the report results of all projects.

5) inHttp: // localhost: 8080/DocumentationYou can view the help documentation for the local version.

6) in http: // localhost: 8000/, view the cruisecontrol JMX Console (Java Management ExtensionsTo manage and monitor the run of cruisecontrol ).


Ii. Files after the installation of cruisecontrol



2) Explanation

* Ant: supports ant scripts;

* ETC/lib, which includes jetty, is free of charge and is used to provide web server and javax. servlet container, and supports Web sockets, osgi, JMX, JNDI, jaspi, AJP and other integration;

* Webapps, including build result JSP and dashborad;

* Log/projects/artifacts are Directories such as log, source code, binary/master when using cruisecontrol for build;

* Cruisecontrol. BAT/cruisecontrol. Sh is the script used to start cruisecontrol;

* Config. xml/dashboard-config.xml contains the configurations required for running all the cruisecontrol;


Trigger cruisecontrol

Cruisecontrol. bat

Rem Set this if you're Using SSH-based CVS
Rem Set cvs_rsh =

Rem Uncomment the following line if you have outofmemoryerror errors
Rem Set cc_opts =-xms128m-xmx256m

Rem The root of the cruisecontrol directory. The key requirement is that this is the parent
Rem Directory of cruisecontrol's lib and DIST directories.
Rem By default assume they are using the batch file from the local directory.
Rem Acknowledgments to ant project for this batch file Incantation
Rem % ~ Dp0 is name of current script under NT
Set Ccdir = % ~ Dp0

: Checkjava
If   Not Defined java_home Goto Nojavahome
Set Java_path = " % Java_home % \ bin \ Java "
Set Cruise_path = % Java_home % \ Lib \ Tools . Jar
Goto Setcruise

: Nojavahome
Echo Warning: you have Not   Set The java_home environment variable . Any tasks relying On The tools . JAR File ( Such " <Javac> " ) Will Not Work Properly .
Set Java_path = Java

: Setcruise
SetLibdir=% Ccdir % lib

SetLauncher=% Libdir %\Cruisecontrol-Launcher.Jar

SetJetty_logs=% Ccidr % logs

Set Exec = % Java_path % cc_opts %-djavax . Management . Builder . Initial = Mx4j . Server . Mx4jmbeanserverbuilder " -Djetty. Logs = % jetty_logs % " -Jar " % Launcher % " % *
-Jmxport 8000 -Webport 8080 -Rmiport 1099
Echo % Exec %
% Exec %


1)% ~ Dp0Is the directory of cruisecontrol. bat. That is, the root directory after decompression by cruisecontrol.

2) You must install javasdk and define java_home.


Manual start of four cruisecontrol

You can also start cruisecontrol by running the jar command: Java-jar lib/cruisecontrol-launcher.jar

If you specify-jmxport and-rmiport or one of them, the JMX server will be started and can be used to control the cruisecontrol (Force start project builds, monitor the project status, and change the log level, and so on ).

If you specify the-webport parameter, the web server will be started to run cruisecontrol reportingProgram.


Note that all parameters are optional. If you only want to use config. XML to start cruisecontrol in the current working directory and do not want to run JMX to control cruisecontrol, you do not need to set any parameters.

Most users specify the-jmxport parameter because the HTML interface provided by JMX is more convenient.


Five cruisecontrol startup options

1) standard options

-The relative path of configfile filename is used to specify the configuration file of cruisecontrol. The default value is "config. xml ".
-Dashboardurl specifies the home page address of the dashboard. The default value is http: // localhost: 8080/dashboard.
-Postinterval [number] specifies the interval from builds information published by build loop to Dashboard, in seconds. The default value is 5 seconds.
-Postenabled [true | false] specifies whether to build the loop to publish builds information to the dashboard. The default value is yes.
-Debug changes the level of log4j in cruisecontrol to debug. Note that the modification here will not cause the log level of your ant script to be ant-Debug. If you need it, specify it in config. xml.
-Help or -? Print help information.
-Log4jconfig URL: Specify the config URL of log4j.


2) web-related options (jetty's specific settings can be set through Jetty. XML in the/cruisecontrol-bin-2.8.3/etc directory)

-Jettyxml filename jetty configuration file. The default value is Jetty. xml.
-Webport Port Jetty's port number. Jetty does not start unless this option or-webapppath is specified. The default value is 8080.
-Path of the webapppath path cruisecontrol. War file. defaults to./webapps/cruisecontrol.
-Ccname name: the logical name associated with this cruisecontrol. This name will be displayed on the status page of the reporting application.


3) JMX related options

-Agentutil [true | false] specifies whether to load JMX build agent utility. The default value is true.
-Jmxport [port number] specifies the port number of the jmx http adapter. This will activate the Admin Function of cruisecontrol JMX. If the default value is 8000, you can access JMX through http: // localhost: 8000/or the control panel JSP tab or JSP reporting application.
-Rmiport [port number] specifies the port number of the JMX rim adapter and connector server. This will activate the Admin Function of cruisecontrol JMX. If you do not specify the default value 1099, if no RMI registry runs in the specified port, your registry will be started.
-Using path directory specifies the location of the custom XSLT file used by the jmx http adapter. Normally, cruisecontrol uses the default installation method.
-User ID: Specifies the user of the jmx http adapter. This user must be used to use JMX web interface after being specified.
-Password: Specifies the password of the JMX user.




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