Crying when no one coax, I learned to be strong

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Crying when no one coax, I learned to be strong

Author: Yang Ping

crying when no one coax, I learned to be strong, afraid of when no one accompany, I learned to brave, annoying when no one asked, I learned to bear, tired when no one worried, I learned to stand on my own, so I found myself, I am very good, I only one, only one me!
Such practice I mature, know that people are forced out, only the pressure to be motivated, because there is no greater misfortune so now the misfortune is happy, right?
want to become a butterfly pupa will break cocoon, want to rebirth Phoenix will tiller Pan, will be strong, even if you still sad, that also do not beg pity, sigh come is cheap, catch is cheap, do your own bar, only own you have all of your style, who also can not imitate, no piracy, Give yourself a place to expand a territory to develop, a sky to fly, is a horse to gallop grassland, is the eagle to soar Tianyu, is a person's good to do their own, life is forced and how, do not dare to die to your parents to live, you did not have the capital dead also let them sad, you do not qualify to die, the environment is not good and how, you go to break, Don't pretend like you're a person!
what a big problem! You need to spell it yourself! If you can't spell it, find a place to stay.
This society who will pity you Ah! Who is not from the beaten to come, who is not from the grandson mixed up.
can not dominate other people to manage your own, give yourself a chance to rebirth it, was forced out of you is the transformation of the hero, seize this opportunity, a friend in waiting for a brand-new you, heard, you side is a surprise, a piece of envy.
fall in love is equal to sadness, rather arrogant moldy, also not low-key do.
when bored, look at the book, Lonely when you find a best friend to talk about it, more pain and hurt yourself, health is the capital of all.
people are always very strange to want to have, should put, not to cherish not too concerned about, people are always forced out, forcing themselves to put down the future will not regret, not mountains, not Jianghai, is a stone, is a grass.
It's not natural, it's valuable.
look at it and tell people I'm not weak!

Crying when no one coax, I learned to be strong

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