[Csws2014 Summer School] deep Q & A Technology and Its Application in search-ma yanjun

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Title:Deep Q & A Technology and Its Application in search

Dr. Ma yanjun,Baidu

Abstract:Deep Q & A (deepqa) is an intelligent Q & A technology based on deep understanding of natural language. Its core technologies include knowledge graph construction, semantic representation and computing, and semantic matching. Deep Q & A has a wide range of application values in the Internet, especially in search. This course will detail the Core algorithms involved in deep Q & A, sort out the technical context of deep Q & A, and introduce their applications on the Internet, especially in search.

Bio:Dr. Ma yanjun is now a researcher at Baidu's natural language processing department. He is engaged in research and development in terms of knowledge maps and intelligent Q &. In 2009, he obtained a doctorate in computer science from Dublin City University in Ireland. He has published many papers at conferences and journals such as ACL, coling, ACM transaction, Journal of machine translation, and has many invention patents, he was responsible for a number of sub-topics for FP7 projects in Ireland and the EU. From 2008 to 2009, he served as a Council member for the eacl student committee. In 2009, he served as an access scholar in the Engineering Department of Cambridge University. In 2010, he received the European machine translation Association's best doctoral thesis award. He is now the editorial board of Journal of machine translation, and serves as the PC Member, area chair, Session Chair, and other international conferences such as ACL, emnlp, and coling.


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