Cubietech will promote a80 highperformance mini PC

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(These are 3D simulation pictures of CC-A80. These are not real photoes !!!)

We have always had a dream to spread the open source Linux system to millions of households. closed Apple system and Windows system have had a dominant position in the market for years, which has seriously impeded the development of computer education. in such circumstances, it is difficult for the specified ISES to do customization with depth.

"Cubietech is made up of several young passionate individuals with a dream to help your iCal enthusiasts establish more better open-source platform to form a community through their efforts. by now, the achievements of cubietech is obvious to us. "allwinner sales marketing ctor Jack Lee said:" To use the highest performance a80 SOC to develop cubieboard 8 is a great pioneering work, which W Ill let us feel more exciting and amazing !"

With the help of communities (especially Linux-sunxi community ), cubietech has succeeded in selling the cubieboard1/2/3 in more than 100 countries around the world since its foundation and has been supported by a number of Linux distributions (such as fedora, Debian, crux-arm, archlinux, etc .). we will continue to support the open source communities and provide cost-valid tive hardware platform for them.

Recently, allwinner technology has given permission to cubietech for jointly development of open source development cubieboard 8 Microcomputer Based on ultraoctaa80 chipset. a80 is a 28nm 8-core high-performance application processor with a CPU dominant frequency of 2 GHz. it also has the following amazing features:

1. A new generation of 64-core GPU graphics core powervr g6230
2. A new generation of Display Engine that supports h.265 hardware solution, 4 K resolution codec, 3-screen simultaneous output
3. It supports more than 2 GB of memory
4. It supports USB 3.0
5. It supports 16 million-pixel high-definition camera

At present, the engineers from cubietech and allwinner are making intense effort on this development and it can be expected that cubieboard 8 will be available for the end sales in mid-June (update: project delayed! The Board was back, but we still need some time to debug). Let's wait and see!


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