Data room charging system login BUG, charging system bug

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Data room charging system login BUG, charging system bug
Disclaimer: the following content only applies to those who cannot log on multiple times with a single user name at the time of Logon!

It is a BUG. In fact, this is not a BUG. Just come up with a solution to a problem that many people have not solved! The following describes in detail what the problem is and how to solve it:

In the data room charging system, can we allow a user to log on to different computers at the same time? I believe everyone has similar ideas with me. Of course, a user cannot log on to a different computer at the same time! The problem arises. if the user has logged on to the system and suddenly loses power or crashes and restarted, can the user log on to our system? Yes! Isn't it power failure? Why can't I continue logging on?

Next, let's take a look at our database. When a user with the username "1" logs on to the system, a work record on duty will be inserted into the database ,.

At the same time, it is precisely because of this record that we should determine whether the "1" user is currently on duty before logging on to the user. There is a record in the database that is on duty, the system prompts "This user is on duty! In this way, users with the username "1" are limited to log on to different computers at the same time.

Normally, when a user logs on to the system, the system inserts a work record on duty in the database. When the user exits the system normally, the system changes the work records of the user on duty.

If the user has logged on to the system, a sudden power failure or shutdown to restart! The user cannot exit the system normally, and the system cannot change the records on duty to off-duty status! At this time, we log on to the user "1", and the system will prompt us "This user is on duty! ", We can no longer log on. What should we do at this time? Only the data in the background database can be changed, but this is a very troublesome and not suitable practice!

Next let's take a look at my logon. When a user "1" is on duty in the database, the system will first prompt us "This user is on duty! ", And then jump to another new logon page ,. I set a super password for the system! When the super password is entered correctly, we can log on to the system again!

The super password is set by yourself. It can be written in the Code or in the configuration file. This method solves the problem that the computer is powered off and the user cannot log on again after the computer is restarted! However, if we know the super password, we can achieve the same user to log on to different computers at the same time! Therefore, there are advantages and disadvantages! However, we can keep the super password confidential. The average person does not know it. Only the super administrator knows it! In this way, you can barely say it...

After a simple explanation above, I believe everyone understands the usefulness of my super password! If you have a different understanding of this issue, you can discuss it with me in private ......

How to crack the school data room Charging System

You can check the charging system and find it on the computer. You can also go to the computer of the charging system to check the disk on which the installation directory is located and the files,
What kind of floppy disk are you using, the CD, the USB flash disk, boot the computer, and delete these files under DOS, so the boot will not boot ..

How can I log on directly without the charging system of the school data center?

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