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After 1960s, with the widespread application of computers in the field of data management, people put forward higher requirements on data management technology: they hope to organize data with data as the center for enterprises or departments, reduces data redundancy, provides higher data sharing capabilities, and requires high independence between programs and data. When the logical structure of data changes, it does not involve the physical structure of data, it does not affect applications to reduce the cost of application development and maintenance. The database technology is developed on the basis of such an application requirement.

Database technology has the following features:

  • Enterprises or departments are oriented to organize data as the center, form a comprehensive database, and share data with applications.
  • Use a certain data model. Data Models not only describe the characteristics of data, but also describe the relationship between data.
  • Small data redundancy, easy to modify, and easy to expand. Different applications obtain the required data from the database according to the processing requirements, which reduces data duplication storage and facilitates the addition of new data structures to maintain data consistency.
  • Programs and data are highly independent.
  • With good user interfaces, you can easily develop and use databases.
  • Unified management and control of data provides data security, integrity, and concurrency control.

From the development of file systems to database systems, this is a milestone in the information field. In the file system stage, the central issue that people pay attention to in information processing is the design of system functions, so program design is dominant. In the database mode, Data begins to occupy the central position, data structure design becomes the first concern of information systems, while applications are designed based on the established book structure.

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