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I am liinux blind before playing this game. Thank you for your advice!

I. Debian version: Debian 3.1 R2 i386 netinstall. ISO.
Ii. Installation: the installation process is relatively simple. Select HTTP for apt source and or for website.
3. Wait for the software package to be automatically downloaded and installed (For A Long Time). If you automatically connect to and download the file when testing apt to download the source, you have to find a method to cancel it. I do not

I know how to do this, so I will immediately restart it when I see it connected here (after restart, I usually need to re-configure it again. This time, the apt source selects to manually modify XXX, and the rest is done as prompted ).
4. Log On As the root user. Run zhcon to enable the display to support Chinese characters.
5. Execute nano to open the/etc/APT/sources. list file, and add the # Number (comment out this line) of all rows with in the row capital ).
6. Execute base-config and select apt source again. This time, select HTTP. The website is or Wait until the automatic operation is completed.
7. Run apt-get-u install x-window-system-core. (The file to be downloaded is about 33 MB)
8. Run apt-get-u install TPD-themes. (The file to be downloaded is about 31 mb)
Run apt-get-u install gnome. (The file to be downloaded is about 15 MB. The download process is too long. My machine is 41 minutes)
10. Run apt-Get install fcitx. Install the Chinese input method.

{The following steps are added for the installation of virtual machines. If the installation options are incorrect, you can use the following methods to modify the configuration}
Eleven, enter the/etc/X11 directory, rename the XF86Config-4 file to xf86config, command "Mv XF86Config-4 xf86config ".
12. Use nano to modify the xf86config file and replace/dev/input/mice with/dev/psaux (modify the mouse configuration, which is optional when installing the X-WINDOW ).
13. The startx command can enter the graphic interface.

Thank you again! BTW: There are many errors mentioned above, which are only for my reference when installing Debian next time!

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