Deduction of combat Effectiveness formula

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for a standard The RPG battle process is controlled based on the following two formulas:

(1) is a professional balance formula , in which EP is effective combat , eHp Represents a valid health value, EDPs represents a valid DPS.

(2) is the rhythm balance formula,T represents the effective battle round.

based on the above two formulas, we need to use another linear formula for combat effectiveness, where the FP is the combat value, and the EP is the same meaning, but the former is a relative value and the latter is an absolute.

Accordingto the (1) formula can be rewritten as:

can be seen:

FP in the case of EP fixed, the corresponding eHp is a variable function, there is a minimum value:

in the

When obtained.

This tells us that for real forces to be simulated with linear functions, there must be a minimum value, that is to say: in the case of linear warfare, a person with a low linear warfare force will be higher than the linear warfare force higher than the person.

the only necessary and sufficient condition to avoid this happening is that

This is also to tell us in the design of Heroes (monsters), try not to design effective life is very low, but also do not design effective Dps particularly high people.

for the professional balance formula,EP actually and FP is equivalent to two values, because the EP Big party, we also want to the FP is large, and vice versa, which is

, so EP There is also another table method:

Obviously, according to the approximation principle of partial differential equation, we know:

The value of any attribute corresponds to (Hp , for example):

so the calculation method must be error, the magnitude of the error is .

so we get the table method of the parameters of the linear equation:

<ignore_js_op> value for each attribute, <ignore_js_op> for each attribute. You are welcome to criticize and correct me.

Deduction of combat Effectiveness formula

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