Definitely worth your favorites, articles about cancer

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Definitely worth your favorites, articles about cancer


Studies show that:

① Cancer cannot be formed in a weak alkaline human body;

② Cancer can only be formed in acidic bodies;

③ If you have cancer, the body is acidic;

④ Cancer can only expand in an acidic body;

⑤ If your body becomes weak and alkaline, cancer cannot expand;

⑥ If you can balance your body's pH value and turn your body into weak alkaline, no matter what kind of cancer you have has changed and been cured;

7 no matter how bad your situation is, even if you can only live for six months, if you can change your body pH to weak alkaline, your cancer will not expand, it will be good;

Don't worry that your mom, dad, or anyone in your family has cancer. As long as your body is weak and alkaline, you don't have it. If you already have it, it will change;

Cancer in vivo is the survival of acidic body fluids, nothing else. If your body is sour, you will get cancer. If it is weak, you will not have cancer. If you have cancer, as long as you can adjust your body's pH to weak alkaline, cancer will leave you.

The secret to preventing cancer is very simple. It is often used to eat alkaline food to prevent the accumulation of acidic waste. Because the acidic body fluid environment is a fertile soil for normal cell cancers, it is used to adjust the acid-base balance of body fluids, is an effective way to prevent cancer.

A) develop good habits and quit smoking and alcohol limit. Smoking, the World Health Organization predicts, if people do not smoke any more, five years later, the world's cancer will be reduced by 1/3; second, no alcohol abuse. Smoke and wine are extremely acidic substances. People who smoke and drink for a long time can easily lead to acidic constitution.

B) do not eat too much salty and spicy food, or eat too hot, too cold, expired, or deteriorated food; elderly people who are weak or have genetic genes for certain diseases should take anti-cancer foods and alkaline foods with high alkali content as appropriate to maintain a good mental state.

C) have a good attitude to cope with the pressure, work and rest, and do not be overly tired. It can be seen that stress is an important cause of cancer. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that stress leads to excessive labor deficiency, resulting in decreased immunity, endocrine disorders, and metabolic disorders, leading to the accumulation of acidic substances in the body; stress can also cause Qi, blood stasis, toxic fires, and so on.

D) Strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and exercise in the sun. Sweating can discharge acidic substances from the body with sweat to avoid forming acidic constitution.

E) Regular life and irregular living habits, such as singing karaoke at night, playing mahjong, and staying at night without a regular life will aggravate physical acid and lead to cancer. Good habits should be developed to maintain weak alkaline constitution and keep various types of cancer diseases away from you.

F) do not eat contaminated food, such as contaminated water, crops, poultry, fish and eggs, or moldy food. eat green and organic food to avoid illness.

Acidic constitution is the result of a large amount of high-fat, high-protein, high-calorie foods.

★Acid Resistance of common foods:

Strong acidity: egg yolk, cheese, sugar, West Point, persimmon, wuyuzi, firewood, etc.

Medium acidity: Ham, chicken, mackerel, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, butter, horse meat, etc.

⊙ Weak acid: white rice, peanuts, beer, fried tofu, seaweed, clams, octopus, Loach, etc.

⊙ Weak Scalability: red beans, radish, apple, Leek, onion, and tofu.

Medium tolerance: radish, soy, hazelnut, tomato, banana, orange, cantaloupe, strawberry, protein, merceon, lemon, spinach, etc.

High scalability: Grape, tea, wine, kelp, natural green algae

Kelp can be said to be the king of edible food. Eating more kelp can effectively adjust the acidic constitution. Therefore, if you often feel tired, tired, and sore, you may wish to eat more kelp.

In addition, it is often said that drinking tea can relieve fatigue. In addition to the excited ingredients in tea, tea bread can "neutralize" the acidic substances in the body, but also relieve fatigue.

Vegetarian food is the best method. If you stick to vegetarian food for a period of time, your body will naturally become alkaline.

◆ Who are easy to get sour 」:

⊙ Stay up late family... if you do not go to bed at in the evening, the metabolic function of the human body will be converted to endocrine combustion. There will be a lot of Toxins Produced by endocrine combustion, which will make your constitution sour, people who stay up late usually have a higher chance of chronic diseases than those who smoke or drink. So try to go to bed before every day. Don't stay up late. If you don't want to stay up late, you can only stay up once a week! Do not eat meat when you stay up late, and try to eat carbohydrate. This way, you will not be tired every other day, and minimize the damage.

All those who eat at AM can be called Midnight. It is easy to get tired after night and cannot get up, and the liver will be damaged, because when sleeping, the living power of various organs of the human body is reduced and the rest state occurs. At this time, the food will become sour and fermented in the intestines, it is easy to produce toxins and hurt the body.

⊙ "Deserters" for breakfast 」... three meals a day, breakfast is the most important, but many people do not eat breakfast, empty stomach early in the morning, there is no motivation in the body, will automatically use the thyroid, subthyroid, pituitary gland and other glands, this is easy to cause gland hyperthyroidism, physical acid, long-term easy to cause a variety of chronic diseases.

⊙ "Essence" family... less exercise and sitting in the office all day is the easiest way for office workers to make this mistake. Because they eat less, they deliberately choose exquisite food and eat less coarse food, and the intestines of such people are aging very fast, the liver function is also deteriorated, and defecation is black and constipation is common. Due to the lack of cellulose in exquisite food, the function of the intestines may deteriorate or even shrink. the food you eat becomes a toxin, making your constitution sour and chronic diseases begin.


Cancer makes many people feel terrible, but it is not completely unable to escape from its claws. The "Network medical doctor" website recently published the "cancer symptoms most easily overlooked by men and women" concluded by the American Cancer Association experts, reminding everyone to grasp the clues of cancer. According to a survey, the 5-year survival rate of early-stage cancer patients after regular treatment is as high as 10%-30% compared to the 5-year survival rate after later-stage patients.

Among these logs, men and women should pay attention to two of them, respectively, and should pay attention to a total of 13:

What men should pay attention:

1. testicles. The age group with frequent testicular cancers is 20-39 years old. The American Cancer Association recommends that men check their testicles on a monthly basis, including changes in the size of the testicles, apparent enlargement or reduction, mass in the scrotum, and a drop in the scrotum, if any problem occurs, consult the doctor in time. In particular, I felt like I had put a coal ball in my body and it lasted for more than a week. I had to ask a doctor for a diagnosis immediately. This is the most typical precursor to testicular cancer and requires a blood test and a scrotum ultrasound test.

2. Urination problems. As the age increases, male Urination problems become more and more common, and frequent urination, urgency, or diapers are common. If the symptoms increase, especially when there is a strong urgency in the urine, be cautious about prostate cancer. Usually you should have a rectal index, and the doctor will tell you if the prostate is hypertrophy, which is the main symptom of prostate cancer.

What women should pay attention:

1. bloating. Many women think bloating is extremely common, so don't make a fuss. However, this may be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Liu juntian, director of the cancer prevention and medical center of Tianjin Cancer Hospital, said that the abdomen continued to swell, have pressure and pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, eating difficulties or easy to have a feeling of satiety, lasting for weeks, both may be signs of ovarian cancer.

2. irregular bleeding. 'Unusual vaginal bleeding and major urination bleeding between menstrual cycles are easily overlooked by women, 'said Dr Dai Li, an American Cancer expert. They are likely to be a major sign of uterine cancer, a common gynecological cancer. At least 3/4 of women have this sign and are checked for endometrial cancer. Stool bleeding may be a sign of colon cancer.

Attention should be paid to both men and women:

1. Hard breast blocks. Breast cancer is not a patent for women. Both men and women should actively prevent breast cancer. If a woman finds a Red Breast and a lump in her skin, be careful. "Especially when the breast suffers a rash and does not go back for weeks, you must go to the exam ." Sinkkana? Dr Lin Deng said. In addition, she pointed out that non-breast-feeding women, nipple sag, and frequent flow of liquid, is also a bad signal. For men, if the skin of the breast is wrinkled, nipple contraction or asymmetry, nipple size and shape change, breast swelling, hard lumps, etc., are symptoms of nipple inflammation and breast cancer. Liu juntian further explained that this lump is generally not painful, but will gradually become larger.

2. Pain. The American Cancer Association says the amount of physical pain increases as you get older. However, when there is inexplicable pain in a part of the body that lasts for more than a week, you should identify the cause as soon as possible, because the pain for no reason may be a sign of cancer. For example, long-term abdominal pain is a symptom of colorectal cancer, chest pain may be caused by lung cancer, and bone pain may be a symptom of cancer metastasis. Liu juntian pointed out that pancreatic cancer may appear in the upper abdominal area. For example, the umbilical circumference or upper right abdominal area may show intractable blunt pain or cramps, but may be persistent or may gradually increase, radiating to the waist and back.

3. Lymph Node changes. Dr Lin Deng said that no matter which part of the body, especially the armpit or neck of the lymph node enlargement, should not be taken lightly. If the lymph node continues to increase for more than one month, it is likely to be a symptom of breast cancer or brain cancer.

4. Fever. Fever is generally caused by flu, pneumonia, or other inflammation, but an unknown fever may be a sign of danger. The American Cancer Association says that when cancer spreads to other organs in the body, it usually causes fever. Blood cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia also have fever symptoms. Xu zhijian, Director of the Anti-cancer department of the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Emy of Medical Sciences, added that lymphoma may suffer from low fever in the early and middle stages, with a temperature of around 38 degrees Celsius and may have a high fever when combined with an infection. Necessary examinations include X-ray chest X-ray, CT scan, and MRI.

5. lost weight. It is indeed a pleasure to lose weight without any effort, but if the amount of exercise is neither increased nor reduced in a month, but the weight is inexplicably reduced by 10%, you should seek medical treatment in time. Sudden drop in weight, anorexia, repeated diarrhea, and constipation are the most common symptoms of lung cancer, gastric cancer, kidney cancer, and colorectal cancer, and may also be hyperthyroidism in women.

6. persistent abdominal pain with depression. American Cancer Association officer Leonardo? Dr. Lee childen field said that if the abdominal pain persists and is accompanied by a symptom of depression, pancreatic cancer is likely to occur. Because experts have found that depression is highly correlated with pancreatic cancer. Other symptoms include jaundice or abnormal gray stool.

7. fatigue. In general, fatigue is a sign of the development of cancer, but for leukemia, colorectal cancer and gastric cancer, fatigue may occur at the early stage of the disease. What is the difference between cancer fatigue and normal fatigue? According to the American Cancer Association expert, normal fatigue will disappear after a break, and the fatigue of cancer will feel very difficult to improve no matter how the rest.

8. Cough. ? Dr. michri said that if the inexplicable cough persists for more than 3-4 weeks, you should see a doctor in time, which may be a sign of lung cancer or laryngeal cancer.

9. difficulty swallowing. Dr. Lee childen field said that long-term swallowing difficulties may be a sign of laryngeal, esophageal, and gastric cancer and should be subject to X-ray chest or gastroscopy as early as possible. The so-called difficulty in swallowing, Liu juntian said, generally refers to the occurrence of post-thoracic pain during eating, There is a foreign body sensation in the esophagus, even if someone does not eat, it also feels like a leaf, fragment, or rice-like attachment on the esophagus wall. After swallowing the food, it will feel slow food and even stay in the esophagus.

10. Skin changes. What is Mary, an oncologist at the Fox Chase Cancer Research Center in philphia? Dr Dai Li warned that sudden mass or pigmentation in the skin and obvious changes may all be signs of skin cancer. You should seek medical treatment immediately after several weeks of observation. In addition, you should also see a doctor once the skin suddenly loses blood or suffers abnormal peeling, whether you are old or young.

11. abnormal bleeding. In addition to hemorrhoids, blood in the stool is likely to be a bowel cancer symptom and should be screened for colonoscopy if necessary. Chen Shan, Chief Physician of urologic at Beijing Tongren Hospital, also reminded middle-aged and elderly people over 40 years old that, in addition to female menstrual periods, should be vigilant against bladder cancer or kidney cancer if there is painless urine or dysuria. In addition to blood in the stool, if the tumor grows close to the anus, it may also have symptoms such as reduced stool and increased frequency, and even cause difficulty in stool.

12. Oral changes. The American Cancer Association pointed out that smokers should pay special attention to the white patches on the mouth and tongue, which may be a precursor to oral cancer-mucosal White Spot Disease.

13. indigestion. Men (especially elderly men) and women (excluding pregnant women) suffer from indigestion for unknown reasons for a long time, which may be symptoms of esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, and gastric cancer.


This "potato juice therapy" is collected in the "Health magazine", "Buddha says cure disease Sutra" is a reprinted description, known as "truly become the magic wand of life ".


Start as a Japanese Zen monk ~ Fu zezhifang's teacher provided a collection by JI Gongsun jianyong. According to reports, there are special effects on cancer treatment. Some people cannot drink honey or half an apple. Seriously ill patients must be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Every kind of enthusiastic people who see this recipe should publicize it to benefit the masses.


More and more people drink potato juice to cure the disease and control the spread of cancer cells-"dozens of cancer patients have been using this therapy this year, and many have gradually recovered, even some people may already feel dead, but they will be rescued and will call to inform them of their inner infinite joy."


A Zen monk who advocates potato juice therapy-fukuzawa zhifang received enthusiastic replies from cancer patients from all over Japan, so he once again published a clinical example of potato juice therapy.


Rub the raw potato and continue drinking one or two cups of juice each day. Potato juice therapy can not only cure cancer, but also cure many liver diseases, diabetes, gastric ulcer, kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, back pain and shoulder pain. There are also a variety of patients who cure other diseases. If you are suffering from chronic diseases, be sure to try. Can be implemented immediately without any side effects. Long-term use --


In a book titled health-cancer is not terrible, fuzeshi said the following:


Even with cancer surgery, it may be possible to repeatedly use anti-cancer agents or radiation therapy due to fear of spreading or not getting all removed. However, it is seldom said that cancer is cured. In addition, the side effects of these treatments are quite large, which will lead to loss of appetite and a sharp decline in the body.


In contrast, potato juice therapy has no side effects at all, and can restore physical strength and improve the natural healing power. It is a high-nutrition food. If this therapy continues for a long time, it will be able to suppress the magical power of cancer cells. There is no danger in potato juice therapy. Anyone can immediately implement it and feel the effect in a very short time. People with pain in the affected area will experience a gradual reduction in the sensation after one or two weeks of drinking. If there is no pain, the appetite will increase and the blood will improve as long as it lasts for a period of time, physical strength can gradually recover.


Let's introduce how to make potato juice --


The weight of the potato prepared for the first time, namely, the second and the third of the big potato, and the third and fourth of the small potato.


Clean the potato and then remove the potato sprout. [Note: the meat of the sprout potato and the green potato, containing Sunflower, can cause poisoning and severe gastroenteritis symptoms. Please guard against it when necessary .]


Use a dish board to wipe the slice together (do not peel it) and wrap it in a clean gauze or a coarse cotton linen cloth to squeeze out the juice. You can squeeze out a cup of raw juice (180-200) at a time.


Drink the juice on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before meals every morning and evening. If possible, have a drink before dinner. Drinking immediately after completion, and daily persistence is the most important thing.


A person who is physically weak can have a drink several times. If you do not like potato juice, you can mix about 30 ml of enzyme juice or honey. It is easier to mix apple juice and mix it together.


[Note: After the raw juice is squeezed out, you need to finish it immediately and stick to it every day. Two weeks of continuous service, effective treatment. Continue to take it after it takes effect .]


But fu zeshi told the patient sternly that the potato juice cannot be regarded as a drug. He said: people who only drink potato juice but still don't change their preferences in the past can be said to regard the potato as a medicine pot. When they are already ill, they are not restrained and do not keep healthy, just take the medicine and want to cure the disease easily.


All of us are ill. For example, overeating, enjoying food, and staying up late without restraint are the causes of illness. As long as you make a one hundred and eighty-degree big change in the past, the potato juice at this time can be regarded as the true life-saving fairy pin. Potatoes are called "apples of the Earth" in Europe, and are obviously foods with high nutritional value. It is particularly rich in vitamin C and calcium. Since ancient times in Germany, it has been a way to treat gastric and constipation by rubbing the potato juice ".


In addition, potato juice has the inhibitory effect on cancer, and is gradually proved scientific. Potato is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Once these vitamins or minerals are absorbed by the body, the blood in the blood vessels can be unobstructed. Therefore, blood pressure can be maintained as long as you continue to drink potato juice.


Potassium in potato can help the body of sodium discharged from the body, which is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with hypertension and nephritis. The potato also has the effects of losing weight, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen and dampness, anti-inflammatory and detoxification. In addition, potato juice has a significant effect on Pollen diseases, eczema, and constipation. Serious liver disease quickly recovers after drinking potato juice, serious constipation cured. Drinking potato juice completely disappears the urine protein. Potato juice can enhance physical strength. Drinking potato juice makes chest pain disappear and get rid of medicine.


In addition, stiff and sore shoulders are no longer involved. The cause of narrow heart disease is the disease caused by the inability to smooth the blood in the heart. If the blood flow is smooth, the heart can also work normally.


In addition, shoulder pain is mostly caused by high blood pressure or narrow heart disease. Drinking potato juice makes your throat sound audible again.


Please tell each other that you may be able to relieve a person's pain and save a person's life.


First remedies:

(A prisoner provided an ancient cure for cancer three days before the execution of the death penalty)

Prescription method and Method: eight large red dates, ten small red dates (18 in total), two white flowers, two grass, one leaf of iron tree, one or two semi-branches, four herbs, one dose, can be fried twice, the first frying consumes 15 lbs of water (about 15 bowls of water, namely, five lbs of water bottles, three bottles of water) for two hours, and the second 10 lbs of water (about 10 bowls of water, namely, five lbs of water bottles and two bottles of water) cook for two hours, then pour the fried medicated soup together, and take the tea day and night.


I. The drug is used to handle various cancers. According to the results, we have successfully cured colorectal cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, and gastric cancer. Besides breast cancer, other cancers have a good effect, especially colorectal cancer, an exception occurs after only four to six hours.

2: It is fried once a month at ordinary times. This medicine is effective and completely cured for the heat toxicity of viscera, hemorrhoids, hot cough and other diseases.

3: Note: The cool and non-toxic beam Lily is a sewage herbs. After being served, you cannot drink boiled water, lest it dilute the efficacy. If the three flowers of cancer (that is, the surface can see rotten), you can mash up the fresh herbs, take its dregs, apply the dregs to the affected area, take its juice, boil water and heat for tea. This prescription can be completely recovered after taking it for three to four months, regardless of men, women, and children. After taking it, the urine and urine often have high levels of blood discharged. This reaction can immediately stop after the toxic substances are cleared, so do not be surprised.

4: This prescription was provided by a prisoner three days before the execution of the death penalty. It is a secret recipe for the ancestral family and is made public after the death of the prisoner. So far, there have been countless healing practitioners, and they are an amazing way to save lives.

Second remedies:

More than 100% cases of cancer are publicly prescribed (the secret recipe for zanchu cancer), with an effective rate

Cancer is raging around the world, killing several people every second, and the incidence and mortality are getting higher and higher, but the medical industry is helpless!

Li Qingyan lijushi has contributed his family's secret recipe for saving lives and suffering from illness, and has successfully treated more than 100% cancer/tumor cases.

Li jiazu's secret recipe for treating cancer

Indications: various cancers/Tumors

Formula: 10 grams of shengling fat, 20 grams of raw black morning glory, 10 grams of shengxiang Fuzi, 10 grams of shengguang muxiang.

Usage. 10 grams at a time. ginger Juice, 3-4 times a day (Pediatric Dose halved ). you can also add some vinegar when taking the medicine.

Note: ginseng is not allowed. Pregnant women are not available.

Note: The general case takes effect for 30 minutes. After more than 100% cases, the curative effect is, which is known as Shen Fang!

The first three herbs of this recipe are the original recipe, and the fourth herbs are contributed by the Institute.

Presented by: Li Qingyan, a folk physician in xixiangtou, sanrao town, raoping County, Guangdong Province


With the secret recipe for people to publish their creden, you can save your lives!

Consortium practitioners with financial difficulties can appropriately collect costs to survive the treatment, but they must not make profits!

No one may make a private claim to modify the prescription, which will kill people! If it is affected, you are at your own risk!



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