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The reason why the network booking to do some research actually stems from a recent set of test questions, the following analysis is a lack of a large number of user research, the right to improve personal ability and do some exercises.

At present, the booking website is overwhelming, in addition to the major airlines of the portal booking, a variety of small professional booking sites countless, but involved in the process of money transactions, users tend to be high visibility, high reliability of the site, like Tmall quickly jump red, booking system inside, "where" and "Ctrip" Out of the question, of course, QQ has already coveted, and rushed to follow –

So, what is the situation of the user groups that the booking site is targeting? The white-collar workers who travel frequently, the middle and high yielding class, the Secretary Group of the company, the head of the tour group and so on. Here we choose the white-collar workers who travel frequently to do a user role creation, to output the user needs and the function list.

First, User role (ADA)

If you want to make a comprehensive list of user types for a site, you need to do a lot of user research. But after a brief analysis, the ADA is a typical example of a mainstream user, which can be found after the ADA is refined.

It can be seen that the ADA use QQ travel booking tickets are mainly divided into two situations: tolerance and private line, which requires different.


1. The screening conditions are clear. (such as: Location clear, round-trip time clear, reimbursement price range as comfortable as possible)

2. Finish the task efficiently. (due to frequent booking; avoid displaying unnecessary information; Search accurate, direct target)

3. But pay more attention to price. (within the scope of reimbursement)

4. Pay attention to the change of the sign information. (tolerance formation is often changed, the requirements of loose withdrawal rules)

5. Travel orders are required for reimbursement. (The obvious itinerary option)

6. Need real-time feedback and reminders. (Busy work, easy to forget)

Private Line:

1. Inclination to choose the lowest price. (marked with the lowest price; or even travel for low prices;)

2. Information to be safe and reliable. (Prevention of property damage)

3. Time can be changed by price. (Provide low price information for the time period of the target time;)

Second, the user Needs Analysis (tool: MindManager)

Third, page information architecture analysis (Tools: MindManager)

Iv. User Booking Flowchart (concise version) (Tools: Visio 2010)

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