Design and fabrication of LCD 3D printing

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    1. Technical principle

According to the Wang Chengwei public LCD 3D Printing principle

The technology is similar to the use of the projector implementation of the DLP 3D printing principle, as I understand, is basically the current common LCD projector is extracted as part of the 3d printer, using 405nm of Violet led left and right light (now common photosensitive resin is 405nm wavelength)

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The control section uses open source NANODLP with Raspberry Pi to achieve z-axis control directly through the Raspberry Pi connection A4988 Stepper Motor Drive Module

The use of Stepper motor module (this is an online look for pictures, specific use need to re-test):

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NANODLP Demo Address:

Main technical difficulties: Raspberry Pi Control Stepper motor module, photosensitive resin trough and suction cup materials used.

Required Materials

Plan to purchase high-resolution projection with LCD and driver Board (1920x1200 physical resolution 7-inch screen,lq070misx02f) with TB

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Look at the LCD parameters, pixel spacing is 0.07mm so the principle of printing accuracy is 0.07mm

The next step is to select the light source and plan to use:

20W led UV curing LED UV lamp violet light source lamp bead 365nm-395nm-405nm

20w should be enough, because it is relatively close to the distance to use, do not need to like a projection of more than 100 W light source.

Other materials include: rear mirror (focal length 120mm,0.16 fine lines), square condenser, optical pass, screen holder. These accessories are mainly the light source can be fully direct to the LCD screen, effectively reduce the screen 4 point of insufficient light problem.

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Finally, we need to purchase 42 stepper motor, a4988 module

Also in the design of the hopper and suction cups, trough planning using acrylic plate, paste the release film, suction cups directly designed after the aluminum plate customization, but also need z-axis bracket

All costs are estimated to be over 2000 years old, final molding size: 151mm x 94mm x z (z axis length can be designed to ensure accuracy, plan to use 300mm ball screw)

If you need to design a large molding area, replace larger screens and high-power light sources.

The Raspberry Pi is already there, so there's no need to buy it.

However, the recent preparation of the move, the material may be bought later, first confirm the idea whether there are loopholes. Because of the ill-considered problem, I was doing delta printer, there are a lot of problems.

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Design and fabrication of LCD 3D printing

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