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Before I wrote an article about the revolutionary trend of APP product design in the future, I suddenly found a problem, the article itself is actually a trend to talk about, is a more need to stimulate the imagination of things, not a rough black-and-white case can come to the right and wrong. We need to think of a way to create a variety of details that might fit the scene and then find a support point. But that article took are the current some of the columns, leading to a lot of friends of the misunderstanding, that the case is all I want to express, in fact, that is not my meaning. I do not take the existing app case, I would like to talk about the trend of the full screen of the design concept. Hope to arouse the imagination of the geeks. And hope that people with lofty ideals can work together to promote the arrival of this day.

Why not Full-screen?

Concept one: To meet the deep hidden psychological needs of users.

In fact, people who know a bit of technology are aware that the current application in a good mobile phone is basically the second open, open the application of Full-screen time should be open and full screen of the time, in the technical said there is no real leap in quality.

And that's actually true, but my favorite thing to say is, my point is, sometimes it's not about speed. It is a feeling that is more convenient, and it has nothing to do with speed.

Non-full-screen operation is not the speed of convenience, but should be the scene of convenience.    For example, the TV set-top box is known, switching channels can be two scenarios, one is in the system page switch (TV is reduced to a small box), the other is directly in Full-screen TV between the switch. While the two are essentially the same information, the speed is exactly the same. But the psychological feeling on the difference is very big. The first: In order to change the program to get out of this is full screen play the scene, into the system interface scene to switch. The second kind: Change a program to change directly, appear on the left a program Channel bar. Look at the side of the change chant.

Maybe this TV case is not the best, but more importantly I want to express this meaning, analogy to the phone on the feeling is that the first: for a small application I want to be out of my current scene, change to another full-screen scene to operate. The second: a small application can quickly realize quickly in the present (do not change the scene) quickly realize forget it.

So, it has nothing to do with truth and technology, only with psychological feeling. This is a need for designers to grasp the very subtle feeling, not to say that shorten the time and reduce the operation is convenient, to meet the deep hidden needs of users this is the interaction to give.

Concept two: Hide complex.

We should have read the book "Simplicity First". I agree with the concept of hidden design. The simple common operations are rendered externally, while the complex operations are hidden behind them. So we can put the most common operations of small applications into a full-screen, while more complex operations are hidden in full screen.

My philosophy is to set the small application to two-tier mode, the first layer is not full-screen and provides common operations. The second layer is when users need more complex personalization operations and then go into full-screen operation. The operation can also choose to return to the non-full-screen state, which is a bit like the remote control is covered by the design. We can feel it. Although this analogy is not the best.

In addition, we can set in ROM the default to let each small application is not full-screen, to the user permissions.

Concept three: Part of the application of the predecessor can be moved.

Many of the non-full-screen is actually a pseudo full-screen, because once you point to open a Full-screen application, other applications can not be manipulated. Of course this design is necessary, but not all of the Full-screen applications need to do so, must take into account the situational factors.

Part of the application can move forward, this effect is actually Archie art has been done, a friend said this design is not necessary. I just turned my mobile desktop into a computer desktop. But did he ignore it if the user was talking about a little faith while watching a movie? or some of the users are playing cards while watching movies? or just love the cock silk want to quickly show their profound knowledge, while checking English words and girlfriend Voice micro-letter?

We have to consider these possibilities as considerate as nannies, so this design concept is also necessary to join.

Detail design of the APP concept version sketch of the winter-Wu relativity

Finally, let me give you a look at the details of the design of the APP concept sketch of the Winter Wu Relativity, which was designed in my mind with the Windows drawing tool (This is an audio talk show). Actually, I am, because I like these two old men's programs. Ha ha. )

The left image is a normal state.

The illustration on the right: when the point is open, the middle of the icons are all covered, and then run out of bullets on both sides of the above written in winter and Wu, on behalf of two of people thought collision generated wisdom Sparks, and finally in the middle of the explosion. This small animation is like sliding unlock the same, is a kind of humanistic care, creating a sense of surprise, the information packaging to reflect the precious (design of design). and cold, fast open applications are two different things. of course not all small applications are designed this way, or that sentence, see the situation. Otherwise it is to gild the lily.

After the explosion, the interface of Winter Wu's theory of relativity appeared. We leave a Full-screen setting button to the user.

When we go into full-screen, we also give them a button to go back to the non-full-screen.

Finally, combined with my last article on the design of dynamic icons, when you start listening to the recording, you casually click around the blank, then the Winter Wu relativity will automatically shrink back, appear suspend style icon. Then when they are finished, they will appear, the icon style on the right.

If you want to hear something else then he will jump out again, of course, this time there will be no animation.

Finally I want to talk about a process suicide, when you no longer go to the icon, then automatically changed back to the original icon, and the suicide process, disappeared in the background without a trace.

Okay, that's what I want to discuss. The APP is not full-screen operation, may still not fully reach my want to express. But I still want to be able to convey to you geeks some of my thoughts that make the world a better place.

Because to achieve this design requires the support of the underlying ROM, so I hope that the same point of view and I have humanistic concern like whimsical and strong English friends must contact me ah, we give Google and Apple email. We are driving this day together.

Finally, I would like to say that the surface changes may not be only micro-innovation, but this idea of thinking, this attitude, I think is revolutionary.

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