Design pattern Notes-Simple Factory mode

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Learning in simple Factory mode

A simple factory model is a factory object that determines which product class instances are created. Simple Factory mode is the simplest and most practical mode in the factory model family, which can be understood as a special implementation of different factory patterns.

For a summary of all design patterns, please refer to:

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first look at the specific

The main consists of two numbers number_x and number_y below are four operations Add (+), Sub (-), Mul (*), DIV (/), and the factory instantiates the specific action type when the user clicks on one of the actions.

The class diagram for the application is as follows:

Specifically, the following code is implemented:

 Operation class public class Operation {//defines two operands number_x with number_y private double number_x = 0;        Private double number_y = 0;            Encapsulates public double number_x {get {return number_x; number_x}        set {number_x = value;}            }//encapsulates the number_y public double number_y {get {return number_y;}        set {number_y = value;}            }//define virtual function public virtual double Result () {double number = 0;        return number;            }}//addition operation public class Operation_add:operation {public override double Result () {            Double number = 0;            Number = number_x + number_y;        return number;            }}//subtraction operation public class Operation_sub:operation {public override double Result () {            Double number = 0;            Number = number_x-number_y;        return number;   } }//multiplication operation public class Operation_mul:operation {public override double Result () {Dou            ble number = 0;            Number = number_x * NUMBER_Y;        return number;            }}//division public class Operation_div:operation {public override double Result () {            Double number = 0;            if (number_y = = 0) return 0;            Number = number_x/number_y;        return number; }}//define a factory class to get the specific operation class public class Factoryofoperation {public static operation Gettheoperation (string            STR) {operation oper = null;                    Switch (str) {case "add": Oper = new Operation_add ();                Break                    Case "Sub": Oper = new operation_sub ();                Break                    Case "Mul": oper = new Operation_mul ();           Break     Case "div": oper = new Operation_div ();                Break            Default:break;        } return oper; }    }

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Design pattern Notes-Simple Factory mode

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