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DEOA few generalizations about product design:
Design is not equal to invention.
Two. The product is not equal to the commodity, all good design must take the economic level and the psychological level as the main measurement standard.
Three. It is necessary to form a diverse creative team that requires all kinds of professionals to play the role of pollination in different flowers.
A team manager with strong communication skills needs the creative savvy of the designer.

When browsing the subscription, I accidentally found Iedo's toolkit, so I decided to study it carefully.

If you have the following needs:
Looking for innovative ways to do this?
Need to enter a new field?
Want to localize the technology?
Need a better understanding of the needs?
Looking for new ways to monitor and evaluate?

Then you can find the answer from Iedo's HCD kit.

This toolkit is a human-centric design element that has been used for decades to create new solutions for multinationals.
and designed a lot of successful products.
In Africa, Asia, and Latin America. People-centered design helps everyone reduce their living expenses every day.

People-centred design (HCD) will help you:
Listen toNew areas, the real needs of new users,
EstablishInnovative solutions to meet these needs,
And on a cost-feasible basisProduceSolutions for sustainability.

It can be seen that HCD except for the human-centered design.
H also represents the listening (hear), and C also represents creation (create), and D also represents output (deliver).

In short, the toolkit is powerful--
"The human-centred design process has created many new approaches in the design of products for developing countries."
-visionspring, India
HCD surprised us because even though we didn't know much about the project, we were able to offer a lot of solutions.
-IDE, Vietnam "

Why does the designer need this kit?
1. Users know what is the correct solution.
2. The toolkit does not provide specific solutions.
It only provides techniques, methods, and techniques to guide your design process.
Let the user's needs to guide, establish, implement the solution.
3. As a designer you can choose the tools that are best suited to your current design process.

Let's start learning together!

"Extended reading"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
IDEO Company was founded in 1991 by a group of Stanford graduates.
1991, the David Kelly design Company (David Kelley) and ID two merged into IDEO company,
David Kelly designed the first mouse for Apple in 1982,
The ID two, in the same year, designed the world's first notebook computer.
The grid laptop is now on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The head of the ID Two company is the famous British interactive designer Bill Mogrich.
At present, the head office is located in Chicago, employs about 400 people, half of them are industrial designers and the other half are other people.
More than 3,000 kinds of products have been developed (up to 2002), including electronics, 3C, fashion, tables and chairs, and even soda bottles.
Customers include many well-known manufacturers, such as BMW cars, nike,3m, Philips and so on.
The main business of IDEO is to manifest a product concept and make it conform to practicality and human needs,
The purpose of its design is to stand in the people's position to make products, that is, consumer-centric design methods,
Innovation is the most emphasized of this idea.

In order to conform to this innovative principle, the implementation must also be complemented by small and perfect organizations,
and add a lot of different elements (different backgrounds) to the organization,
In order to jump out different sparks in the phase of different elements.

In order to make the spark more bright, ideo also retains everyone's free working space, work like entertainment.

In addition to innovation, ideo in the design of products, but also consider other factors to play the business value of the product, such as brand, ergonomics, internationalization, environmental engineering, electronic engineering, and even prototype after the completion of the product to be moved to where production are taken into account.

Ideo's implementation of the product development approach is developed for the Ad Hoc Group,
Through the implementation of observation, questioning, innovative design, induction, implementation, discussion and other steps to complete the development of new products.
On the first day, all the participants will convene the first group meeting,
Form a team and publish project objectives, and conduct preliminary product concept discussions, and members are open to discussion in different areas of expertise,
Put forward different points of view, in the team leader's communication and coordination, in each person's proposal to find a preliminary consensus,
And this as the focus of product development, and then based on these several points, the actual entry into the hypermarket observation,
and use photos or other ways to record customer behavior, as a reference to the next day seminar.
In the course of the implementation of the selection of 3 better options to make 3 prototypes.
After the pros and cons of the evaluation, modify the product prototype, and then sent to the supermarket to find consumers for practical testing.
After the test is done, revise. Finally, the new product was born.

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