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The new version of Word has been released for some time, there are many friends unfamiliar, today three network detailed one or two, I hope to help you! Inserting pictures during Word document editing improves the quality of the document and makes it easier for users to understand, while the latest version of Word brings more powerful editing features for pictures and charts , leading to major changes in the following three points:

1. The layout option button can help you to edit the placement of your chart in a more efficient way, such as the overall layout.

The 2.Live layout allows you to see the editing effect of the new layout in real time.

3. For its guide line can be convenient for you to arrange the pictures neatly.

Layout buttons:

First step you need to insert a picture in the document, a layout button appears on the right side of the picture, and currently supports any type of insertion of any picture, video, Border, chart, SmartArt, or text box. Click on the Layout button to show the location of the picture in the document.

We have provided several default file orchestration modes, and can be set to the default,. Simply right-click the layout option and click Set as Default. Next time you insert a picture, chart, or SmartArt graphic, it will use the default inline style.

Visible Picture Editing

After the picture is inserted, there will be a round hollow point around the picture, this time you can according to your needs for the picture size, angle of further adjustment.

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Live layout

Live layout is the most popular editing tool in New word, if in the past, when you move a picture into a document, you will only see a picture of a shadow on the top of the document,

In the new version, this virtual shadow has been canceled and used, you can refer to the following video:

For their guides:

Sometimes in a document a page has more than one picture, in order to beautiful, usually we need to arrange the pictures on the same line, the new version of Word into the design of the reference line, you can make it easier to edit more than one chart.

Conclusion: The features of the new version of Word here, if you still have doubts about the place, please tell us Oh!

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