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Install a Wireless Router

With the increasing maturity of wireless network technology, the price of wireless devices has also dropped to a level acceptable to ordinary consumers. We don't need to pull a network cable with a proxy server to allow computers in the two rooms to access the Internet at the same time. A Wireless Broadband Router and a wireless network card can easily fulfill our wish! In addition, laptops of friends and family members with wireless NICs can also join the wireless network at any time to share files, print and access the Internet, and enjoy wireless freedom.

Next I will introduce how to enable two computers in the two rooms to quickly share the Internet cafes through a wireless broadband router and wireless network card. We assume that the environment is like this. There are two rooms in this House: computer A and computer B, Internet access through ADSL, And ADSL connection to computer, computer B in another room cannot access the Internet.

Now we take TP-LINK Wireless Broadband Router and TL-WR541G wireless PCI Nic as an example to see how to install the configuration to make it meet our requirements.

The hardware installation is quite simple: at computer A, connect the ADSL Modem to the WAN port of the Wireless Broadband Router through the network cable attached to the ADSL Modem to prepare A 50 cm-long network cable, use it to connect the NIC of computer A and the LAN port of the Wireless Broadband Router.

Then, install the wireless network card in computer B, install the driver and tool software in the CD attached to the wireless network card, and connect the power of the Wireless Broadband Router. This completes the hardware installation and connection.

Basic configurations of a wireless router

When we configure a Wireless Broadband Router for the first time, refer to the Manual to find that the default IP address of the Wireless Broadband Router is, and the default subnet mask is

Because the TP-LINK TL-WR541G configuration interface is based on the browser, so we first need to establish the correct network settings, we have been computer A through the network card to the wireless broadband router LAN port, next, we can set an IP address for computer A in two ways.

1. Set the IP address range of computer A to 192.168.1.xxxxxx to 2 to 254), subnet mask to, and default gateway to

2. Set the TCP/IP protocol of computer A to "automatically obtain IP addresses", disable the power of Wireless Broadband Router and computer A, first turn on the power of Wireless Broadband Router, and then start computer, in this way, the DHCP server built in the Wireless Broadband Router automatically sets an IP address for computer.

After completing the above steps, we use computer A to open an Internet Explorer window and enter http: // in the address bar to enter the configuration interface.

Enter the default user name and password, as shown in.

After you click OK in the previous step, you can see that the entire interface is Chinese, so the following configuration will be very easy.

Continue. Note that the name of your own SSID will be used later.
Click Finish and you will be back here.

At this point, we have completed the most basic settings. At this time, we can access the Internet through computer A, but some wireless network settings need to be made to ensure the security of the wireless network, prevent others from accessing our wireless network and ensure the security of our own computers.

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