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Many users have a vague understanding of the concept of the number of connections, which is described as follows:

1. The visitor must establish a connection with the site through the TCP protocol to access the site. This connection exists when reading information from the server. When the read ends, it is generally automatically closed. Therefore, when a page is completely displayed on the client's display, the connection used may have been disabled.

2. Each viewer may use 1-3 connections when accessing a website. This is automatically handled by a computer. This is to speed up the process.
Related questions: for a basic host with 30 connections, it is strange that it can only be accessed by more than a dozen people.

3. The number of online users counted in the Forum is based on the number of people who visit the forum within a certain period of time, and should have no relationship with the number of connections. For example, in a forum, the default setting is 40 minutes (? The number of participants. Maybe the Forum shows that a user is still online, but the user does not occupy the number of connections because he is not (positive) reading the page in the Forum.
Related questions:
(1) As long as the visitor's access to the Forum is not concentrated and does not exceed the maximum number of simultaneous connections at a certain time point, the number of online users in the forum will be counted, the maximum number of simultaneous connections allowed by the space is greatly exceeded.
(2) In order to show the popularity of the forum, some users can increase the time range for the Forum to count the number of online users (this function is provided by the online forum), or even all those who browse your site within one day, are counted as the number of online users.

4. Although the maximum number of connections per site can be specified on the server, the total number of connections to the server also exists. Therefore, even if the maximum number of connections to a user's site is not limited, when the server reaches the maximum number of connections, the site cannot be accessed. The maximum number of connections on the server is generally 1000--2000.

5. In the current host service, some service providers use many people to blur the above concepts and mislead consumers. Therefore, the host buyers should exercise caution in engaging in

What is the number of IIS connections

The number of IIS connections refers to the number of concurrent connections. What does this mean?
There are several situations: (taking 50 persons online in M space as an example)
User A downloads your files from a single point of time and is normally disconnected after the end. These connections are calculated in an instant. That is to say, your 50-person website can be instantly downloaded at 50 points at the same time.
If user B opens your page, even if the page does not send any request to the server, it will be regarded as online within 20 minutes after the user opens the page, that is to say, your 50-person website can open 50 pages for different users within 20 minutes.
C In the case of B above, the user continues to open other pages of the same website, so the number of online users is calculated based on the 20 minutes after the last click (Send request) of the user, in the past 20 minutes, no matter how users click (including opening a new window), they are still online.
D. When an IFRAME exists in your page, every multiple frameworks will be online more than twice! This means that the user requests multiple pages to the server at the same time.
E. When the user opens the page and closes the browser normally, the number of online users will be cleared immediately.

Then you can learn about the number of online users in the Forum.
Online forums only count the number of active users within a certain period of time.
You can set the time here by yourself. The default value of the dynamic network forum is 40 minutes.

According to the above description, the concepts of online and IIS connections in the Forum are obviously different.
Why is there any inconsistency between the number of IIS connections and online forum?
The specific analysis is as follows:

1: You have used a plug-in version forum or a simplified version Forum!
The current plug-ins are very spam, which not only occupy server resources, but also slows down Forum operations (no plug-ins can be more than doubled). At the same time, it accounts for a large number of online users. Some plug-ins call many frameworks, there are 2 or 3 fewer, and 4 or 5 more! There are even online music playing, so that a person is online with a lot of people! Because of the large number of images, the Meihua Forum also occupies a larger number of IIS resources than the standard forum.

2: your website is in the form of homepage + Forum!
In this way, the homepage and Forum will compete for the number of online users!

3: You have a player in your forum!
One person is online, and then he plays music online, so two people are online!

4: Your forum has a webpage in the form of a framework!
Every framework is doubled online!

5: the online time set for your forum is too short!
The default value of the mobile network is 40 minutes, because forum online only calculates the number of active users within a certain period of time. When you set a small amount of time, it seems that the number of online users of the Forum is naturally less!

6: Your space has multiple forums!
Some customers upload multiple forums in one space, such as BBS bbs1 bbs2.
There is no doubt that such a forum will compete for the number of people on the road!

7: Your forum images and other files are stolen!
For example, if your forum has an image file, it will be pasted (note that it is not uploaded) to another forum!
When users in other forums browse this file, the number of online users is also counted!
Especially when connecting the logo, you must upload your logo to his space!

8: You have downloaded files in your space!
If you use ant financial software on the internet, every thread will be online!

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