Differences between Instant Messaging Enterprise applications and personal applications

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The enterprise applications of Instant Messaging are quite different from those of individual applications. The most obvious difference is the firewall capability. Personal Instant Messaging requirements are not regulated and can be used on any computer, enterprise Instant Messaging requires enhanced manageability and increased control, which are two conflicting demands. However, enterprise applications and personal applications are inseparable to some extent. In the future, the difference between individuals at work and those in life will become smaller and smaller. Both life and work are the same person, especially for today's knowledge workers, working hours and non-work hours are mixed together. This is especially true for SOHO, and it is difficult to separate them. Just like we all use a mobile phone to do everything without carrying two phones. One is for work and the other is for personal use. Therefore, enterprise instant messaging and Personal Instant Messaging will also interact with each other, and intercommunication will undoubtedly be a trend in the development of instant messaging. Like e-mail, no one will choose a closed e-mail.

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