Differences between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises: what comes to mind from flying

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Differences between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises: what comes to mind from flying

I have been working in State-owned enterprises. Even if I have friends who work in private enterprises, I know there are differences between the two, but I have never had such a profound experience, only then can we know that the difference between state-owned enterprises and private enterprises is everywhere, and there is a sense of double heaven.

Let's just talk about taking a plane on a business trip. This is not a problem in state-owned enterprises. As long as a plane arrives, it generally takes a direct flight, and the price is not taken into consideration.

Private enterprises have the following rules:

1.Kilometer limit: the road is near, for example, Beijing certainly does not allow flights.

2.Discount limit: for example7Discount or above8Tickets with more than one discount must be submitted for approval. So that for a cheaper price, there is a direct plane without a flight.

3.Level Limit: there are different levels of restrictions.

As for the airport, state-owned enterprises generally have bus transfers, but private enterprises certainly do not.

The reason is that the core of the problem is cost accounting, with a thin foundation for private enterprises. more consideration is given to controlling costs. Otherwise, there may be no profit. For state-owned enterprises, the foundation of the country is relatively thick, and the cost is of course nothing. As the saying goes, the skinny camels are bigger than horses.

Of course there are many differences. This is just what I think of when I fly.......This is the survival status of small and medium-sized private enterprises.

this time, I am taking a transfer, fare 880 RMB (including all ), the direct flight is 1380 + 120 , successfully saving 720 yuan, it seems very happy. It seems that we should be so careful when we live.

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