Directory Structure of Zen Trails

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  • 1 top-level directory structure
  • 2 www directory
  • 3 Module Directory
  • 4 Reference Sources
  • 5 ZENTAOPMS User manual navigation
top-level directory structure
  • The bin directory is a few command-line scripts that store Zen trails;
  • Config below contains the master profile and database configuration file for the Zen channel run.
  • DB below is a database script that has been upgraded and a complete library build script.
  • Inside the framework is the core class file of the Zen path PHP framework.
  • The Lib directory below is a few other classes of files. such as database access, sending mail, data validation and so on.
  • The module below is the one that contains the specific modules. Zen Road now has more than 30 modules.
  • The TMP directory is the temporary file directory where the Zen path program runs.
  • www directory is a variety of style sheet files, JS files, picture files, as well as Zen Road entrance program, index.php
www directory
  • The data directory is the directory where the attachments are uploaded.
  • Fushioncharts stores the flash files needed for the report solution.
  • The JS directory below is the various jquery plug-ins and corresponding function functions used in Zen Tao.
  • The theme directory is a directory of style sheet files.
  • The index.php under the WWW root directory is the entry procedure for the entire Zen path program. All requests are entered through this procedure.
  • Install.php is the installation program.
  • upgrade.php is an upgrade program that requires access to this file each time it is upgraded.
  • The. htaccess and. ztaccess files are the configuration files used by Apache. You can configure Zen lanes to be accessed statically using the rewrite module when it is open.
Module Directory

The module directory has a total of more than 30 modules, respectively, corresponding to the Zen road inside a function module. The function of the whole Zen Road is formed by the combination of these modules. Let's look at a specific module.

  • The language file for the current module that is stored under the lang directory. ZH-CN corresponds to Chinese Simplified, zh-tw Chinese Traditional, and so on. If you need to modify the name or configuration of some fields inside Zen Tao, you will need to open the appropriate file for modification.
  • A template file for each page is stored under the view directory. For example, the Bug browser page, the corresponding template is browse.html.php.
  • The config.php stores the corresponding configuration items for the current module.
  • Control.php is the entry for all pages of the bug module. That is, a bug-related page view can find the appropriate method definition in this file.
  • Model.php is a list of methods for bug-related database operations.

Directory Structure of Zen Trails

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