Discussion 4: I am not studying software. How can I develop as a programmer?

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Discussion 4: I am not studying software. How can I develop as a programmer?

 ☆★☆★Come on !! October 25 reader meeting ☆★☆★

 Received a letter from the reader:I can't tell you what to call it. I just need to call it by Mr. Zhong. I am a freshman from Sichuan Agricultural University. I studied Chinese herbal medicine cultivation and identification. However, I am very interested in computers. I decided to take the programmer's path in the future. I also took the programmer's test in March, and I had to pass the correct answer.
But now the problem is that I don't have a computer professional development environment. I don't know how to plan for the remaining three years of college, or how to go in the future.
Can you add a friend to give me some guidance in your spare time? The reply is as follows: Well, in fact, in the three hundred and sixty rows, why is it necessary to squeeze into the programmer's path? Although this sentence is "Chen zhima, rotten millet", if you want to succeed, any industry can develop. But you really love the "Software Development" profession and hope that "Software Development" will become a great career you have struggled for all your life. Then you can continue to communicate with me. If not, disable the webpage. Think about it. If you really want to take this path, you need to make preparations across the industry. In chapter 1 of my "Java programmers, working hours", question 3: is it really so difficult across industries?> Provides specific guidance to programmers who develop across industries. One sentence is worth your attention: what is needed to enter the software development field:Sincere love, and a lifelong wish for it.And the following chapters:
1.3.1 what are the most difficult cross-industry problems?
1.3.2 cross-industry portal-business knowledge originally engaged in the industry
1.3.3 why did a farmer make a plane?
It is undeniable that the path to cross-industry development is rugged and not smooth. We still use the words in my book as my answer: "is cross-industry really so difficult ?"

Compared with people born from cross-industry development and "scientific classes", these difficulties come from their own, from their families, and from society. Can you underestimate these difficulties and stick to your goals? This is the key to success. Once you break through yourself, you will find that:
What you think should be abandoned, your original experience in another industry, has become your advantage in a new career.
Here we end with one sentence:

The eaglelet is far away from the sky and brave enough to seek help.
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