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The company's business is entering a new period of rapid development characterized by business globalization, but the number and quality of cadres are seriously insufficient, qualified reserve cadres are required to fill vacancies with a large number of management positions, this change in human resource management should be conducive to building a cadre team that can take responsibility under the current development situation and lead all employees to success.
I. What kind of cadres are needed?

  • Mission
    Cadres in middle and senior management positions should be a group of people with a sense of mission to their careers. Such a sense of mission will keep them enthusiastic and highly responsible for their work, if you have a sense of mission, you can motivate yourself and motivate others. In the face of adversity, this sense of mission can support a leader to never give up and lead his team forward to the bright light of victory. in good condition, this sense of mission can support a leader to lead his team to constantly challenge themselves and pursue excellence, rather than giving up more chances of success. A sense of mission is the most important driver for team leaders.
  • Broad mind
    No one will admit that they do not have a broad mind, but they are easy to understand and behave. I am selfish and narrow-minded, and a broad mind must be developed by the day after tomorrow. The premise with a broad mind is to focus on the success of your career. On this premise, you can find things in the same way and handle different opinions or even conflicts from others in an inclusive manner. Inclusiveness and principles are not in conflict, A broad mind should be guaranteed in principle. Otherwise, it will be confusing and narrow. For those who are opposed or those who are opposed to them, you must clearly know what the advantages of the other party are and what are worthy of recognition and learning. For those who are favored by you, it is also necessary to clearly know the shortcomings of the other party that need improvement. With a broad mind, we can unite and employ people.
  • Moral Character
    The team leader is an example of the team's Moral Quality and affects the value of the entire team. Right for private purposes, corruption of life, complaints against the company, and strange words should all be used as the basic rejection conditions for evaluation and selection of cadres. Those who do not meet the above conditions cannot enter the cadre team; on-duty cadres who violate the above conditions also need to take the initiative to reflect on and correct the situation, otherwise they cannot be further trained and promoted. A team leader must be self-disciplined and cannot be self-disciplined. Why should they convince others? Manage the team and yourself first.
  • Broad vision and structural Thinking Ability
    The rapid globalization of the company's business development determines that many of our existing thinking models and management skills need to be updated and improved. cadres must face the unknown world with a more open and positive attitude; cadres with structural thinking ability can clearly see the nature of the problem and grasp the focus of their work. cadres should not only keep an eye on short boards to solve immediate problems, we must also have the ability to establish mechanisms to prevent problems, so that we can avoid "First pain points and foot pain points" and improve management efficiency. Open-minded team leaders can see the relationship between the entire team and the local team, while narrow-minded cadres may ignore strategic opportunities and strategic commanding heights, and even lead the team to do wrong things in the right way, partial victory leads to global passive, and eventually leads to war failure.
  • Balanced development of management capabilities
    The growth of the company has created great opportunities for increasing the level of cadres, however, many cadres have become accustomed to the work style of "Fire Fighting" but not "Fire Prevention" in this process. work depends on courage and inspiration, but lacks systematic methods. At present, most of our cadres are from excellent business backbones, and the phenomenon of focusing on business management is widespread. The comprehensive management capability needs to be improved urgently. The increasingly complex business environment requires cadres at all levels to be familiar with the business, in addition, it is necessary to possess systematic management knowledge and skills such as finance, human resources, operation management, and organizational operations, as well as a high level of professionalism, so as to continuously improve the management quality and management efficiency of the Organization.
  • Good at learning
    Being good at learning is an important means to improve management capabilities. managers who are good at learning can cultivate learning-type organizations. Only learning-type organizations can face a highly uncertain business environment with ease. There are many ways to learn. Books can inspire us to think about and solve problems, but just like "replay" is the best way to learn and improve players, every success or failure (including our own competitors) is our best learning case. Therefore, we must learn to sum up and put the opposite in practice. There are memories of people, but there is no memory of the Organization. When new cadres are promoted quickly and the training system cannot meet the needs of organizational expansion, how to take effective measures to ensure the dissemination and sharing of individual experience within the organization is a problem that every team leader must solve seriously. It is very important to summarize the case, but it is not enough to have cases alone, it is also necessary to establish a system to ensure that the experience and lessons in the case are effectively replicated within the Organization, which will directly affect the efficiency of the use of human resources and the quality of work of the entire Organization.
    The requirements for qualified managers are not limited to the above requirements, but these requirements are important for the construction of cadres.

Ii. How to select and train cadres 

  • Based on responsibility results
    The selection of cadres should be based on the results of responsibility, good cadres should do the work, and the evaluation of quality should be based on the results of responsibility, so as to avoid the theory of unique quality; cadres with no good responsibilities should not be promoted or trained.

LLeverage reserve cadre resource pool

To meet the needs of a large number of cadres, a sufficient number of reserve cadre resource pools should be established in a hierarchical and hierarchical manner, the essence of establishing a reserve cadre resource pool is to establish a dynamic and exemplary mechanism for selection, investigation, training, elimination, and use of reserve cadres. It is like an endless sieve, there is no third choice between progress and elimination. This is a wide-forward and strict system, which can be recommended by management teams at all levels or self-recommended. However, it can only come in after reviewing key rejection conditions, it will accept more and more arduous tasks and challenges, and be more rigorous than others. This process is training. This is an open system. This round of elimination personnel may come in again after improvement, but may be eliminated at any time when they come in. Therefore, this is a furnace rather than a safe deposit, only those who have always been able to pass the strictest test can truly embark on management positions at all levels, and leaving is the most basic starting point of this system. The harsh competition situation requires all members of the cadre team to maintain a tense situation of being able to enter the battle at any time in terms of ideology and action, we should acknowledge and respect people's pursuit of comfort and enjoyment, but for managers, it should be the personal life after they leave the management position and no longer assume management responsibilities, because the situation does not allow both sides.

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