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Problem: We are in the development of flex, if you use someone else's frame, and someone else's server name is often the name of their project, we will be using our own project name to standardize our server name so that the URLs given at the time of release will be of practical significance. For example: Before modifying the URL for Http://localhost:8080/rainmon and we want to change to our HTTP://LOCALHOST:8080/TOCC. The specific methods are as follows:

1, open the Flex project to find. Setting folder, modify the file inside Org.eclipse.wst.common.component, the following figure:
2, click the item, right key "Properties", the related parameters of the project configuration: as shown:

3, the above files are configured, we must be Tomcat and server are deleted, re-create and add startup. Otherwise it will fail, I just do not have to remove the reset has been cleaning up the afternoon, the cost of blood from the Iron lessons (AHA, but finally did not do for nothing), I hope you pay attention.

Finally, I wish you a successful study and use of FLEX development project!

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