Django Model._meta API

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The Model._meta API is the core of the Django Orm, which allows lookups, queries, forms, and admin modules to understand each model by using the _meta properties of each model class.

1. field Access API, retrieving a model's field instance using the name

Options.get_field (Field_name)

Returns a field instance based on the given field_name. Field_name can be a field in the model, an abstract or inherited model field, or a field on another model of a model, in which case the field_name is a user-defined Related_ Name or Django Auto-generated names.

Note: Hidden fields cannot be retrieved by name. If the given field name is not found, a fielddoesnotexist error is thrown.

  1. >>> from django.contrib.auth.models import User
  2. # A Field on the model
  3. >>> User._meta.get_field (' username ')
  4. <django.db.models.fields.CharField:username>
  5. # A field from another model that have A relation with the current model
  6. >>> User._meta.get_field (' logentry ')
  7. <ManyToOneRel:admin.logentry>
  8. # A Non existent field
  9. >>> User._meta.get_field (' does_not_exist ')
  10. Traceback (most recent):
  11. ...
  12. Fielddoesnotexist:user has no field named ' Does_not_exist '

2. Retrieving all field instances of a model
Options.get_fields (Include_parents=true, Include_hidden=false)

Returns all related fields of a model in the form of a tuple. Get_fields receives two parameters to control which fields are returned.

  1. >>> from django.contrib.auth.models import User
  2. >>> user._meta.get_fields ()
  3. (<manytoonerel:admin.logentry>,
  4. <django.db.models.fields.autofield:id>,
  5. <django.db.models.fields.charfield:password>,
  6. <django.db.models.fields.datetimefield:last_login>,
  7. <django.db.models.fields.booleanfield:is_superuser>,
  8. <django.db.models.fields.charfield:username>,
  9. <django.db.models.fields.charfield:first_name>,
  10. <django.db.models.fields.charfield:last_name>,
  11. <django.db.models.fields.emailfield:email>,
  12. <django.db.models.fields.booleanfield:is_staff>,
  13. <django.db.models.fields.booleanfield:is_active>,
  14. <django.db.models.fields.datetimefield:date_joined>,
  15. <django.db.models.fields.related.manytomanyfield:groups>,
  16. <django.db.models.fields.related.ManyToManyField:user_permissions>)

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Django Model._meta API

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