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1. Web site Optimization Project list,
When we receive a list of search engine optimization items on a website, there are two kinds of situations:
First, the customer to optimize the site SEO more understanding, want to do a search engine and users are more friendly site. And hope that through the construction of SEO optimized site to bring business to their own company. That is, from the construction station to search engine optimization all under the guidance of the SEO.
Two. The customer has already established the website, but when the website is established, the person in charge excessively pursues the appearance effect of the website so that some website intrinsic factor is not very friendly to the search engine. Resulting, the site's perennial traffic has been visited. But the customer, currently do not want to change the overall layout of the site, but also want to increase the number of Web site visits. Bring business to the company.
2. Specific analysis of the specific problems of website optimization project.
When we receive the list, we first identify with the customer the key keywords in the website Optimization project, and observe and analyze the competition degree of these key keywords in the target search engine. (if the main keyword in the target search engine rankings in the position of competition is more intense that the opponents of the site are basically pr>=5, personal advice to persuade customers to choose another keyword) to find the main keyword extension keywords.
If, is a site has been established, this time to analyze the site keyword rankings lag reasons. Comprehensive analysis of the company's Web site,<title>< meta>, such as tags, the website of the company, the external link, site structure, keyword density, the speed of the site. The speed of the server, the stability of the server, whether the server has been the site of the search engine punishment and so on.
If it is a brand new site to build, first see if there is dynamic can be updated backstage News class column, there is no suggestion to add a customer. Easy to update site content later. If it is a site that already exists, it is also recommended that the customer add a news release system. Oh, and can be a small collection of a pen. (A press release system that can be converted to HTM is recommended)
After the Web page is done, the smaller the file size the better. Do not exceed 15k (I don't know if it is appropriate.) Oh
3. Web site Optimization project of the label
suggested that each page <title> tags in the keyword does not exceed four, the key between the-interval. The format is "keyword-keyword-company name" and the keyword best matches the content of the page. The site's article title recommended 4. Website content arrangement of site optimization Project
The specific arrangement of the content of the article in the website. The main keywords and extended keywords as far as possible to arrange to the following location: page title, description tag, body title, the beginning of the page. The density of the key words of the predecessors said that between 5% to 20% personal feeling as long as the article write reasonable without excessive attention to keyword density.
If the site is already existing, the proposed revision when considering the original site included, whether there are some valuable articles worth keeping.
5. Web site Optimization Project on the website of the company outside the company
The internal intersection of the site the finer the better, the less the better, the typical representative of the "Site navigation bar" Connection words or words can be keywords or target keywords best. Outside even the best to find PR value high set up a long time website to do friendship connection. The more the number of external connection, the better, the higher the quality the better.
6. Website Optimization Project submitted to the search engine.
Finally, if the friendship connection to do good, and do more, and the quality is very high words. Is this going to save you?

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