Do not design for design is to serve the immediate needs of customers

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Article Introduction: do not design for the sake of design and design is to serve the immediate needs of customers.

Recently participated in Group week meeting, one of the links is the marketing design Group's work reviews, although I have a long time did not design such a demand, but has been concerned about, usually irregular collection of some pictures and Web pages, to share with you, and from several aspects to talk about how the design can be impressive.

What is design?

There are many explanations about the meaning of "design", everyone has their own understanding and experience of design, even specific to a point, a color block. Baidu said that design is a plan, planning, vision through the form of the activities of the process of communication. Some people say that design is the means to present their ideas directly. There are even people who say ...

In short, I think no matter what form the design is to appear, the purpose is to better convey the message behind, to give users a deep visual impression. The best way to impress people is to have visual impact, the use of visual arts, through modelling, color and so on, to form a unique visual charm, direct access to the visual senses, thereby attracting users so that they are willing to stay longer to read, that is, designed to better disseminate information and use a means.

What kind of design can impress people?

celebrity (with the help of celebrity or star effect, to produce self-evident persuasion)

Each person has his or her own object of admiration or imitation, and there is a psychological desire to be as close to him as possible to obtain psychological satisfaction. In the choice of character image must be consistent with the character of the product, users quickly understand the characteristics of product delivery and value, such as our previous design works often used to the image of Ma Yun, he has a very high voice in the Internet, choose to use his image to promote products can produce ineffable persuasive, of course, you can not abuse.

The union of times (following the trend, stimulating the resonance of thought and emotion)

Combined with current social events such as Diaoyu DAO, Olympic Games, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese sound and so on, or the popular language words such as cock silk, Gaofu, Bai Fumi, and so on, followed the trend of things to reflect the current social formation, imperceptible infection to the user's thoughts or feelings, to shock and resonance. The following example is the combination of the most popular show "China good Voice".

Practical Benefits

Here refers to the interest is to rely on prizes to attract users of a marketing tool, in your need to obtain the user's physical strength, mental power for their own product improvement to provide a strong basis, through the award set quickly call on users to participate in the end to achieve a winning situation.

time limit (Countdown)

Limit the activity end time, using the way of Countdown, virtually in the consumer heart form a sense of urgency, as the saying goes: The village without this shop. When people see words like "X-day, X-hour", they think they will not miss this opportunity. This design form is designed to capture the user's psychology, the performance of the focus on the number.

"3B" principle

"3B" principle, namely beauty (Beauty), Baby (Child), Beast (Animal/Beast), this principle accords with the nature of people's attention to their own life, the most easy to win consumer attention and love. Psychologists have said that only when faced with this "3B", most people are undefended.

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