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I'm doing it myself, but I've been working on software development for many years, and when I look back on myself, I feel particularly interested in learning Java/dot. NET technology friends say something, I hope you can learn from our experience, how much inspiration (perhaps I say bad, you do not agree with me, but for the sake of my sincerity do not throw bricks AH).

One. In China you must not because of learning technology can be traded for a stable life and high salary, you must not think of those engaged in market development, errands, no future.

I do not know if you know, we have a large number of software companies in China, their software development team are small poor, even only 1-3 people, not even a project team is not, and such a team to assume a software company all the software development tasks, In the software online and development of the critical phase of the team members need to work day and night overtime, but also need to test the bug and can not be submitted on time to the software module function and be disturbed, sometimes if you unfortunately join the field development team you need to leave your girlfriend, closed development, You usually in addition to coding is eating and sleeping (the rich company even ask a nanny to cook for you, so that you save more time to put into the work, so that you have been tired on the rest, not tired of the state of work immediately)

What's even more frightening is that the relationships that make you contact are very simple, in addition to the limited number of technical personnel you can hardly see other jobs and jobs in other industries, your circle of friends small and single, and even Destroy your original love (imagine, you have been in the field for more than 2 months of on-site development, but never met with the girlfriend side, Is your girlfriend going to crack your mouth?

Maybe you get the so-called white-collar wages, but you have lost the freedom to enjoy life, if you want to be a technician, especially developers, I think you will soon understand how much you want to spend a long time in a place, to know some friends, more life time desire.

than in our lives and relationships and jobs, those who are engaged in pre-sales and market development of friends, but there are more than we work outside the time, even if they work time is and the time of life can be balanced, they can through the market development, know the people of various industries, can know a variety of friends, They have more opportunities for wealth and development than we can say, as long as they are as diligent as we are. (There is a diligent ordinary person, if give him another place, he will soon become a diligent and outstanding people.) )

Two. When learning technology, do not think that if the technology is the strongest, you can become 100% respected people.

Once a person in the interview project manager when said such a paragraph: I only use the most obedient person, according to my request to do as long as is obedient, if not obedient regardless of his technology is no good. The man was then given a trial, and if not, he would be the next project manager's successor.

Guys, you know what? No matter how strong your technology is, you can't free up time to study Linux source like others do, or even write a masterpiece of Linux to show your talent. All you have to do is write the code as required, and the meaning of the code is all set. You follow the rules and you'll soon find that the code you wrote yesterday is a lot like the code you wrote today, and when you've been writing code for a while, you'll see how important it is to copy, copy, and paste that technology. (If you haven't done more than 1 years in the real sense of development don't contradict me).

If you're lucky enough to be able to hear marketers talk, or talk to leaders, you might think that they're all looking at a technician as a coded machine, and that your value isn't as important as you think. And within your team, you might be working on a technical issue and then messing with coworkers, because he does not obey you, you also defy him, you all think that their right, in fact you two are right, and the purpose of the argument is to prove himself in the key occasions better than the other side of the technology, stronger than the other side. (In a project development, no one is willing to listen to others for a long time, always want to change positions to lead others.) )

Three. You should not think that if I am good enough, I will start my own business, I have the capital of entrepreneurship, because I am engaged in technology.

If you think that, it's a big mistake, you can do a survey in the non tech crowd, few people know C # and Java, let alone appreciate whether your technology is good or not. In a word, technology is just a tool to use this tool to work for others, but often not very good at using this tool for their own entrepreneurship, because this is the two concepts, training skills are completely different.

When you start your business, your relationships, your ability to deal with relationships, you know the social unspoken rules, and you know that you do not understand the hearts of others, you will not say that people like, as well as your services to provide the planning and marketing, and so on, there may be 10,000, 1 million issues worthy of our attention, But you'll find that the technology is rarely contained within 10,000 or 1 million, if you start a successful business, you will tell yourself: Why do I have to do the technology, I hired a person not on the line, at this time you will really understand the role of technology, and your previous role as a technician.


Based on the above discussion, I advise those who study technology, do not take the exam-like mentality to learn technology, the study of technology near the obsession, want to master all the technology, so that they become the technical field of authority and experts in order to be in the necessary time or the heart is not carefree when the internet to the rookie said he was a predecessor.

Technology is just a tool, is your life at a stage to survive the tool, you can like him for a lifetime, but it is best not to live on it for life.

The sole purpose of mastering technology is to find a job (if you don't want technology as your second Life), it's work. So you do not have to do in the study of the so-called technical exercises or the study of the Hat bubble algorithm, the maximum number of algorithms, what is called work?

is to do a thing for others to use, others use, can improve their efficiency, imagine it, you do 10,000 of technical exercises what use? Only can make people feel sour, or in the study time, more cultivate their own pragmatic attitude, such as the local market at present what software companies employing, their requirements in the end how far, their specific what should be done to meet their requirements. After you analyze these, you will find that the success of job search, the technical contribution rate is not as high as you originally thought.

Whether you're studying technology to find a job or to start a business, you have to have a clear understanding of the technology itself, in China will not appear Bill GATES, because, China is not very respect for technical personnel, but also just stay in the software technology talent as a talent machine to use the embarrassing situation. (If you don't understand, one possibility is that you're just doing a technical job, your friends in the circle of technology are in the majority, one may be you're not working, but you like to read Bill.) The biography of Gates).

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