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Several podcasts to help developers learn

Recommend a few foreign podcasts to understand all aspects of software development (technology, language, culture, art, etc.). Gain insight and practise your English listening by the way.1. http://herdingcode.comBroadcast on a weekly basis, talking about the technology and culture of various programming languages.Form: MP3 (downloadable) with a detailed descripti

Java Basic class preferential price only 2000 yuan! Xi ' An, preach wisdom podcasts come!

consultation Click here, Free send wisdom Java essence video Gift!gift to obtain the conditions: Please forward this article a key to your QQ space and friends Circle, and accumulated more than 5.The way: after forwarding, please add QQ number: 2291329369, (fill in the Notes "Xi ' an") send forward to get " Preach Wisdom Podcast _oa Project actual combat course" a copy , internal information, official website absolutely can't find Oh, guarantee you look after reluctant to

Java Basics Getting Started with Smart podcasts PDF

specialty in colleges and universities, as well as the basic training material of Java technology, which is an entry-level textbook suitable for beginners of computer programming.CatalogueChapter 1th Introduction to Java development2nd Chapter Java Programming BasicsThe 3rd Chapter object-oriented (top)The 4th Chapter Object oriented (bottom)5th Chapter Multithreading6th Chapter Java API7th Chapter Collection Class8th IO (input/output)9th GUI (Graphi

Copy podcasts, pure boredom, OAuth certification process

Simplified versionThis simplified version is: the user (Resource Owner) accesses the resource (Resource).Specific version1. After the user opens the client through the browser, the client asks for authorization.The client can either send the authorization request directly to the user or send it to an intermediary, such as an authentication server.2. The user agrees to grant the client authorization and the client receives the user's authorizationThe authorization mode depends on the mode used by

Use regular expressions to send intelligence to podcasts for learning

With a little achievement, the basic functions of wuziqi games have been almost achieved, and some code optimization is required. We look forward to tomorrow, because tomorrow I will be able to realize my dream, that is the game developed by myself

What does PHP learn in Guangzhou podcasts?

What do you learn about PHP in Guangzhou? What do you learn about PHP in Guangzhou? what to do with PHP lessons. What are some of the relevant content that will be learned in the Guangzhou PHP training Course in the Preach Intelligence podcast ?

Become Technology boss Technology Management 21 Technology selection _ Software test

  Each system will have his life cycle, from life to death, through the three stages of adolescence, middle age and old age.   The management of complexity runs through the whole life cycle of the system, just like the natural choice of evolution, constantly optimizes the system and keeps the system alive. The initial stage of the system is to complete the construction of 0 to 1 to verify the business model or to do the smallest demo product. This is the time and cost of priority, and that is fa

Learning Programmer's technology is to improve their own outsourcing project learning exercise technology, or to the Internet company Learning Technology

I want to improve my programming technology now. A programmer free developer of PHP Take the outsourcing project (or go to the outsourcing company), or go to the Internet companies to learn to constantly improve their programming skills Reply content: I want to improve my programming technology now. A programmer free developer of PHP Take the outsourcing project (or go to the outsourcing

The improvement in learning the programmer's technology is to pick up outsourcing projects to learn and train the technology, or to learn the technology from Internet companies.

I want to improve my programming technology. A developer who is a PHP programmer is free to pick up outsourcing projects (or go to outsourcing companies) on his own ), I still want to go to Internet companies to learn and constantly improve their programming technologies. Now I want to improve my programming technology, a developer who is free to be a PHP programmer. If you want to connect to an outsourc

Chinese search engine technology unveiling: sorting technology-search engine technology

technology does Google use? PageRank is the webpage level.Google has a founder named Larry Page. It is said that he applied for the PageRank patent, so he got Page Rank based on his name. There is also a very successful search engine company in China, called Baidu ( ). Baidu founder Li Yanhong said that as early as 1996, he applied for a patent named hyperchain analysis. PageRank's principle is the same as that of hyperchain a

Crystallization of technology and humanities-a discussion on Search Engine Technology

Crystallization of technology and Humanities -- Search Engine Technology ■Recreation In the face of the vast ocean of information, people are often at a loss. The emergence of the Internet search engine seems like a boat, carrying us freely traveling in the ocean. Search Engines quickly become a powerful tool for us to master knowledge. As an essential tool for the Internet, search engines ar

Technology monopoly: The surrender of civilization to technology

"Technology monopoly: Civilization to technology surrender" is a famous "Media criticism Trilogy", which systematically explains the influence and destruction of the technology monopoly on the culture, religion, tradition and psychology of human society, and points out the negative consequences of the development of technolog

Analysis of the changes brought by directx11 technology to the graphic industry (I) Analysis of the changes brought by directx11 technology to the graphic industry []

Analysis of the changes brought by directx11 technology to the graphic industry (I) Analysis of the changes brought by directx11 technology to the graphic Industry In October 23, 2009, Microsoft launched Windows 7, the latest operating system. Compared with the previous Vista system, Windows 7 has made great progress and improved its core execution efficiency, new technologies such as DirectX 11 are added.

Reading Notes: the essence of technology-What is technology and how it evolved (Brian? Arthur)

Is Reading Notes not original? -Page 30 However, as humans, we should not be so closely integrated with technology, but more closely integrated with other things, that is, nature. At the deepest level, human existence should be integrated with nature, our initial environment, and those conditions that originally made us human. ============ -Page 36 Today, machines are used to produce machines, and they become the parents of similar machines in

Computer encryption anti-tracking technology ciphertext Technology

Computer encryption anti-tracking technology ciphertext Technology 1) Tracking TechnologyWe all know that DOS has a powerful dynamic tracing debugging software debug, which can implementProgramIn fact, this is because of the single-step interruption and breakpoint interruption, and most of the current tracing debugging software uses these two interruptions. One-step interruption (int1) is an interruptio

Current mainstream technology in computer technology and its social demand investigation report

Software programming direction related report in computer fieldAs a representative of the development of human science and technology, computer has deeply developed into various fields such as data communication, financial control, medical health, culture education and so on, leading the new direction of the development of human information technology and greatly changing people's life. Computer software as

Do not rely on technology to survive a lifetime to rely on technology to survive _ Classic net Pick

I'm doing it myself, but I've been working on software development for many years, and when I look back on myself, I feel particularly interested in learning Java/dot. NET technology friends say something, I hope you can learn from our experience, how much inspiration (perhaps I say bad, you do not agree with me, but for the sake of my sincerity do not throw bricks AH). One. In China you must not because of learning

Can the soft switch technology become the core technology of the network?

In such an information society, the role of the soft switch technology is gradually emerging, mainly in three technology-integrated network architecture, not only the next generation network needs to include the soft switch technology, not necessarily all require the use of soft switch technology. Obviously, the true m

Key technology and function application of Intelligent firewall technology

This article puts forward the intelligent firewall, this kind of firewall is smarter and smarter, overcomes the traditional firewall's "one tube to die, one puts on the chaos" condition, the revision above firewall's important assumption is "refuses to guarantee the security, releases also must guarantee the security". The new smart firewall changes the concept of "exit" to the concept of "gateway", and all packets passing through the "gateway" must be inspected by the firewall. In contrast to t

Difference between "push technology" and "Pull Technology"

Push Technology is a mechanism established on the client server, that is, the server actively sends information to the client. Compared with the traditional pull (pull) technology, the main difference is that the push (push) technology is used by the server to actively send information to the client, while the pull (pull) Tec

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