Do not use the mouse to switch, teach you to complete the CAD dimensioning

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Dimensioning is one of the most arduous tasks in mechanical manufacturing and architectural design. Usually in the case of a drawing used in a number of 3 kinds of labeling, the traditional drawing mode requires the mouse to constantly select the style to switch, consuming a lot of operating time, inefficient. The use of CAD mechanical version of the smart labeling function can be done 90% of the labeling, greatly saving the time to switch the label style with the mouse.

  A. Quick Call

In the CAD mechanical version, the designer simply enters a letter "D" at the command line to invoke this command. Can also be quickly enabled by icons: Open the last item in the Software menu bar-dimensioning-smart labels, as shown in the following figure:

Figure/CAD Mechanical version Quick call Smart Callout command

Then label the target object, the size preview will follow the direction of the mouse drag changes, click the mouse to determine, very convenient and efficient.

  Two. One-click Switch

CAD mechanical version can also be switched by one-click to achieve the change from one labeling mode to another, the operation is very flexible. If the label is not limited to dimensions, but also displays symbols or tolerance values, the designer taps the spacebar to launch the enhanced dimensioning command, then clicks the lower-right image in the interface to enter the tolerance type interface and visually selects the tolerance type.

Figure/CAD Mechanical version Enhanced Dimensioning interface

The dimension overlap feature of CAD Mechanical Edition is very useful for overlapping dimensions that are often encountered when labeling, and it automatically recognizes the callout overlap area, which brings up the reminder of request processing. Whether it's replacing, splitting, or moving, just a little bit, you can do the labeling directly.

Figure/CAD mechanical version to solve the problem of size overlap effectively

It should be pointed out that the later revision of a large number of labeling content is also very convenient, as follows:

In the CAD mechanical version of the selection of the modified dimension, double-click into the Enhanced dimension interface, select the feature-apply to the function, and then select the individual labels to be modified uniformly, you can display the parameter information that needs to be copied. Once determined, all the labels that need to be modified appear as the correct style.

Figure/CAD mechanical version to quickly modify the contents of the label

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