Do you know the fatal flaw in a solid-state drive?

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As a storage medium, solid-state drives are superior to mechanical hard drives in every aspect. But experts say solid-state drives are less capable of long-term information storage because of the more sensitive temperatures.

If the ambient environment is ideal, a consumer-grade solid-state drive can hold data for 2 years without power. In the case of an enterprise-class solid-state drive, the data is valid for only 4 months. These numbers are not a problem in themselves, because most people will choose a mechanical hard drive when data is cold stored for more than a few months.

But if the storage conditions for solid-state drives are not ideal, then the problem comes. If the ambient temperature rises, the time to save the data will be reduced. A solid state drive at 25 degrees Celsius can save the data for 2 years, but if the ambient temperature rises to 30 degrees Celsius, the data save time is only 1 years.

For enterprise solid-state drives, if they are stored in a high-temperature environment, such as a server, the data may be invalidated in a few days-if the ambient temperature is high enough. Until this problem is solved, the old mechanical hard drive will not be out of the historical arena.

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