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SVN --- subversion is currently the most popular project source code management software.


(1) subversion (SVN for short) is a version management software (source code) that has emerged in recent years and is the successor of CVS. Currently, most open-source software uses SVN as the code version management software.

(2) SVN servers run in two ways: independent servers and Apache.

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The most popular client of SVN is tortoisesvn.

The basic working principle of SVN is:

Create a source code library (warehouse) on a server, which can store the source code (warehouse) of many different projects ). The source code library administrator manages these source programs (warehouses) in a unified manner ). Before using the source code library, each user must first download the project file (warehouse) in the source code library to the local machine, and then the user can modify it locally, finally, use the svn command for commit, which is managed and modified by the svn source code library. In this way, it seems that only one person is modifying the file, which can avoid conflicts and track file changes.

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