Docker Registry API, Docker Hub API, and OAuth API

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Docker provides the following four types of Api:docker Registry API Docker Hub API Docker API Docker Remote API for ease of use

This article is designed to explore the Docker Registry API, the Docker Hub API, and the OAuth API.

The Docker API is primarily used to communicate messages between Docker's official Index, Registry, and Client.

The Docker remote API is an API for controlling the host Docker server, equivalent to the Dockers command-line client.
Docker Registry API

The Docker Registry API is a REST API designed to simplify the storage of mirrors and warehouses, and these APIs do not involve user accounts and user authentication.

Remove the mirror layer:


To insert a mirrored layer:


To retrieve the image:


To retrieve the root image of a mirror:


Gets all the tags for the specified library:


Gets the specified label for the specified library:


To delete a label:


Registry status Check:


Docker Hub API

The Docker Hub API is a REST API designed for Docker hub. The Docker Hub (i.e. Index) uses a checksum public namespaces to store account information, authenticate accounts, and authorize accounts. The API also allows the operation of the relevant user repository and library repository. operation of a special warehouse

Create a new warehouse


Delete an existing warehouse


Update a warehouse image


Get a warehouse image




All of these are special warehouse operations, the following is an open API for ordinary users.

The Special library warehouse and user warehouse is the difference between the Library warehouse is the official warehouse, you can directly use Ubuntu name to do repo name, and the translator can only use Qiuker521/ubuntu as repo name. operations for ordinary users

Create a new user repository


Delete an existing warehouse


Update image


Get Mirror


User authentication


Create a new user


Update user Information


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