Does Baidu snapshot not update affect the webpage?

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Recently, I searched Baidu for "Baidu snapshot not updated" and found a lot of articles about "coping strategies, these so-called "solutions" are all Cainiao-level soft texts. For website optimization, they are actually meaningless. To put it bluntly, these are soft texts that do not understand SEO optimization, to put it bluntly, these are all misleading to many webmasters. As a result, many webmasters are turning around these snapshots all day long, so they can be overwhelmed, after the time consumption, I did not provide any substantial help to the website, or even did some things that damage the user experience, such as "updating for updates" and so on, in fact, many webmasters think that Baidu snapshots are closely related to the content and weight of webpages. However, this is a big mistake.

Why? First, we need to understand a concept, that is, the accurate definition of a snapshot. Many people have very vague meanings on its existence; the most common reason is that some people use the title to search Baidu after publishing a new article, so they find that there is a date below and they think it is a snapshot date. In essence, this is not, it is a comprehensive display date related to the content index. However, a large number of people think it is. There are many causes of such misjudgment. For the time being, there are also many consequences. The most common reason is that Baidu will be dynamic only when more articles are updated, after Baidu has its own website dynamics, it means that its website is not "indifferent "? This leads to misjudgment and shows that the date has become a "Baidu Snapshot". In fact, these are a series of butterfly effects, and people have not yet witnessed the truth after passing on the story, is the truth true?

The answer is no, of course. Here we just want to reject this point. For the Baidu snapshot update time, in order to make many people understand that it has nothing to do with the quality and weight of the webpage content, let's first figure out what Baidu snapshot is and what it means.

First, we understand what Baidu snapshot means. In fact, Baidu has already clearly stated that it is only a backup file cached by the system, its value is to prevent users from browsing webpages due to temporary faults of Baidu search engine. At this time, Baidu snapshot can provide a text content page as a reference. -- You must understand that when this content can be found on other pages, the existence of this snapshot will be meaningless. In other words: the value of Baidu snapshot is fully reflected in the time when the content is very unique, and users need it very much. At this time, it can play a unique role.

Now that we understand what snapshots are and what they are worth, let's take a look at one of the most common mistakes: confusion between indexes and snapshot time. First, let's get to know what index is: when we search for a keyword, Baidu will provide a content associated with the word, and the content has a hyperlink, you can directly click the text title to enter the page. The content displayed in this link is called an index. As mentioned earlier, the content cache page is a snapshot. Then, we should understand: indexing and snapshot are not a concept, so there is no relevance; this is very important.

We understand this, and we also need to understand that when we search for keywords to enter Baidu, almost all of the content provided by Baidu snapshot and date and time are provided below "; these two systems are completely two. Many people mistakenly think that this is a system: that is, the time is a snapshot, and the essence is not. It is only a comprehensive Time relationship between the index and the keyword; so what is the time? How can this problem be explained? Why is it displayed? It is a comprehensive display of the keywords that users search for now. It is neither a snapshot nor a degree of attention that Baidu attaches to webpages. If you do not believe it, we can also conduct an experiment. When you search for the keyword "News Center" in Baidu, Sina news first came out, because Sina has a very high weight, its news value ranks 16th in the world and is internationally dominant (this can prove the relationship between weights and rankings). However, Sina's date below is not today's. Why? Take the example on the date that I searched today, as shown in the following figure:


After I used this keyword to search out the time of the Sina news center homepage, the time shown below is, which is more than a month ago, but why is Sina's weight low? Very high; does Sina provide articles that suit the user experience every day? Certainly; does Sina website do a great job? Of course it's amazing. Why is the time so old? Why did Tencent display the second time yesterday? As shown on the following Chinese news network, it was still three days ago? The answer is: at this time, although it is neither the snapshot time but the integrated content time related to the keyword you search, it has the same characteristics as the snapshot Time: it has no direct connection with weights. However, note that this time is different from the keywords you are searching for on the same page of the same website. In other words, there is a certain relationship with the difference in search keywords (you can try it yourself if you don't believe it), while the snapshot update time is another problem, it does not change the keyword or content, but not the weight or everything. Therefore, for webmasters and users, there is no need to understand the meaning of snapshot time in any aspect. From any perspective, Baidu snapshot is not updated or updated, so we do not need to worry about it. Because: it does not mean whether your content is related to user experience. Baidu snapshot is just a backup provided by Baidu for users to make it easy for users to access webpages normally-yes, it is actually so simple.

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