Does "graduate" outsourcing company suit you?

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Although there is no way to know how many people will be involved in outsourcing companies, but the estimated proportion is not low.

So spend some time talking about outsourcing.

It's hard to generalize about good or bad outsourcing, but if you're a tech fanatic or have a very introverted personality, it's not appropriate to outsource.

In short, do outsourcing, technical career path is not so long, in order to develop, must do management, must learn to communicate with people.

The things that are outsourced are, on the whole, low in technology, but may involve a wide range of facets.

The metaphor of the image is that you can't expect Microsoft to outsource the OS kernel, while various MIS systems may involve various language platforms (java,c#, various databases).

This kind of work tends to be large, but the difficulty complexity is low. Do 1 years and do 3 years of difference, but do 3 years and do 5 years of difference is not big.

So in order to create more value (equivalent to more income), it is necessary to go high in the outer bag.

High includes project management, requirements analysis (knowledge of domain), etc.

It's not that technology doesn't matter, you don't have a technical base at first, you probably don't get a chance to go to the top, or even walk up and do bad.

The key is to get to the point where your skills are spread out.

After running to the high, the amount of communication will increase, mainly with people. It's a bit of a mystery to be a technology fanatic or a very introverted person.

In addition, once the outsourcing, hurriedly to learn the corresponding foreign language, for the assignment, understand each other's culture, is a very critical step.

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