Does the micro-business really make money? CCTV Secrets "micro-business pyramid scheme"

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Mask products marketed in a circle of friends

CCTV screenshot

People attending the "micro-business" conference
A job, do a monthly income of 100,000, 108 days to buy Mercedes-Benz, 6 months to buy a house, and investment as long as thousands of yuan, sitting at home can start a business, such a job what do you want to do? Such a strong temptation and eye stimulation so that many temporary unemployed or want to start the people, Hebei Yan (surname) Encountered such a so-called entrepreneurial opportunity, is now very popular, sound also very fashionable type of work-micro-business.
Friends Circle Dazzle Rich, let a person heart
Ms. Shang, Hebei, said she had joined the ranks of micro-merchants through her classmates ' friends. The friend began to send a mask product in the circle of friends, this product she never heard, ask that friend. The friend said that now the city is particularly popular, and used particularly well, a box of six tablets, the market price of 198 yuan, from their place to take goods cheaper. The vendor of the micro-business continued in the circle of friends to send her the day of the revenue screenshot, making Ms Yan more and more exciting.
Reporter asked: "How much money?"
Ms. Yan said: "588 yuan, 198 yuan, especially many." She also had a minimum order of 138 yuan, and also saw two orders for 1100 yuan. One time I saw her send a 6,000-dollar. Her life content is quite rich, every day hair girl's picture, then is the picture of the mask, take the child to go for a ride, especially carefree. She said that the company earns tens of millions of is the least, also said that half a year later to buy a Porsche car. She sent me a picture of a car, said to be a micro-business in Zhejiang, did not half a year to buy a car. ”
In front of the seller's blueprint for a beautiful business, Ms. Yan took the attitude of trying to join the entrepreneurial team.
Others "bowl full", but they lose money
Mask at that time the price is 120 yuan a box, the line said must be more than 10 boxes to ship. A box is six pieces, 198 yuan can sell to be able to earn 78 yuan, 10 boxes of words of the day's income is 780. Think of their suppliers one months to sell forty thousand or fifty thousand Yuan, Ms. Yan's confidence is very sufficient. Mask women like to use, sales must be poor, but the result is not her surprise.
Ms. Yan took 6000 yuan of goods, because this kind of mask is not famous, and the price is more expensive than ordinary facial mask, although Ms. Yan has all the people know all the sales, but still no sales. She calculate, two months sell out more than 10 box mask, deduct discount factor, each box earn 50 yuan or so, finally she two months pure profit only six hundred or seven hundred dollars, time and energy all put in don't say, count on not sell the goods, also lost nearly 2000.
The truth: The development of the offline by fake and rich
Ms. Yan's line followed her out of the mystery: The real money is not by retail, but by the development of subordinate agents, and means, is fake and Hyun Fu!
Ms. Yan said: "She taught me to pay the screenshot of making money." She said if you don't send it, your friends don't know you're making money and they won't get it from you. At first don't say the amount is too big, so no one believes. The first dozens of dollars, then hundreds of dollars, then thousands of. Start at the bottom and let the circle of friends see you do the best you can, so they will take the goods from you and trust your product. ”
At the same time, the superior agent also taught her, orders can also be faked. Through this "Order Builder" software, you can say how many express orders you have sent each day.
In the end, Ms. Yan's cousin was successfully developed into her first line, but she increasingly hated this deceptive and harmful money tricks, and finally decided to give up. Ms. Yan said: "She said you under the development of the sales staff below, you let them to develop people, that is." I do not want to develop the line again, I feel such a word against conscience. I am not suitable for this lie, you tell a lie will need a lot of lies to round, very tired. ”
"Asian Hypnotic Master" received punishment for organizing and leading MLM
Pay 59800 Yuan agency fee, every day as long as forwarding micro-credit marketing courses, pull more people to attend lectures, will be able to earn millions of dollars, 108 days to buy Mercedes-Benz, 6 months to buy a house, a year on Rolls-Royce. Not long ago, this micro-credit MLM model of the originator of the so-called "Asian Hypnosis Master" Chen Zhihua (micro-bo), because of the crime of organizing, leading MLM activities, was remanded in court for trial, which is also found in the first micro-credit MLM case.
The defendant Chen Zhihua only a secondary school education, but claimed to be the "Master of Asian Hypnosis" open the classroom. Chen Zhihua "micro-credit marketing, millions of million" slogan, mobile phone micro-letter platform, in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Changsha, Nanjing and other more than 10 cities organized illegal MLM. Chen Zhihua this pyramid scheme disguised as micro-credit marketing, the form of free lectures, with their own silver tongue and the true performance, attracted many fans. From January 2013 to March 2014 of 15 months, a total of 329 people have paid 4615364 yuan to Chen Zhihua.
The court considered that Chen Zhihua's behavior had constituted the crime of organizing and leading MLM activities, sentenced to 8 years ' imprisonment and a fine of RMB 100,000.
Some micro-credit marketing in the shape of MLM
In fact, the micro-business has been surrounded by various disputes, marketing style confusion, product quality is uneven, lack of supervision, and the reporter found in the investigation of these kinds of situations, although and the traditional pyramid scheme is not the same, but how to see a little mlm shadow.
The marketing model of the suspected MLM in the micro-letter generally adopts the grading agency system:
1. Do not need to join the agency fee, direct purchase of goods can become sales agents;
2. Brand agent has multiple levels, the more the goods, the higher the level, and the highest level of agents need to take more than tens of thousands of yuan;
3. Become the agent, you can develop the secondary agent, which is commonly known as the offline. Each level of the agent to pick up the price of different, earn a level of income is far higher than direct sales, the higher the Agency relies on the development of lower income agents to obtain more revenue.
Tsinghua University School of Economics and management Professor Hu Zohao said: "The judgment is normal operation, the normal friend purchase or MLM, one of the factors is that its profit model is not by the development of the line, the development of head, or is not what we call a pyramid-type profit model." ”
Well the above information is for you to do micro-business friends or want to do micro-business friends brought to the details of the micro-business really make money? CCTV revealed that "micro-business pyramid scheme" to share the whole content of the analysis, my friends now see here is very clear it, ladies and gentlemen, When an industry has a perverse profit, then we must pay attention to, it is possible that this is a trap, and friends will be more attention in the future Oh.
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