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2018 the beginning of the new year, but the block chain this huge stone has undoubtedly been thrown into the internet, and stirred up layers of ripples, causing the people to pay attention to, everyone stared at the block chain, and swing ripples also fluctuate to major industries and personal interests.

The stock prices of listed companies on the block chain soared, and even some changed the company name to "block chain company", in order to raise the stock price, want to take the opportunity big cashing.

In the recent "Rush to the Sky 2018 global block chain Annual Meeting", hip hop finance has been fortunate to interview the block chain game "cloud Fish," the co-founder of Mr. Zhenghuajiang.

"What is the reason for you to contact the block chain?" And how to think of the block chain and game combination of it. ”

Cloud Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: I have been focusing on block chain application class direction, whether it is hardware or program applications, are the hope to invest and operate some of the more solid block chain projects.

The virtual property of the game itself is relatively strong, the game player itself is the ability to accept virtual goods and new things stronger than a group. So the game and block chain combination is a relatively easy to find a large number of users of the breach.

"Cloud Fish" is a game.

Cloud Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: "Cloud fish" is built on the ether Square (ethereum) an intelligent contract, it is the game is also platform.

It uses block chain technology to store game assets in the Etheric square block chain through the intelligent contract, through the platform can realize the cross-platform use of game props, the community is not limited to the game after maturity, but also can extend to other applications.

"Where is the need to hatch the" cloud Fish "project? ”

Cloud Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: The project itself brings some small games inside, these are built-in systems, but in essence, "cloud fish" as a platform, we want it to achieve the real right game assets.

In other words, the necessity of "cloud fish" is to redefine the attribution of "game assets" through the application of block chain technology.

"Cloud Fish" is a block chain game, but not just a game, through the game this way, it makes it easier to understand things themselves, "cloud fish" these props is actually just a set of UI system, and the UI is on the database data analysis, we can use block chain technology to do a lot of things, so you know.

"Well .... Let's give an example. “

Cloud Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: For example, a string of digital code 010101, the first two digits 01 can represent the clown fish, the next 01 can represent yellow, then it will be displayed on this page as a yellow clown fish, but the other game developers can be based on this line of code developed into other games, For example 01 can also represent a car, the other 01 can represent the blue, it becomes a blue car. is not very well understood.

Block chain is actually stored the number of digital assets of the code, but how to parse it is not rigidly adhere to some form, "cloud fish" is through the game this image so that everyone better in the block chain to benefit from the wave. In the future, all third-party game developers can develop a UI system and prop system based on this code based on the "cloud fish" open source code system.

"It seems that ... See, can you give me another example. “

Cloud Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: based on your own identity, you can be your mother's daughter, in front of colleagues you can be his colleagues, you have a variety of identities, this is a kind of interpretation, but you are still the same as you, the same string of code can not be changed.

"What is the use of this interpretation?" “

Yun-Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: This is what we fish to do, we found that the game industry there is a problem, such as NetEase, Tencent these large companies, large distribution channels to control the vast majority of traffic, they mastered the production of distribution channels.

At the same time, small game development team is faced with a problem, if not through these large channels to do the distribution, their props system credit will be relatively low, the player on the game's credit and adhesion are not high enough.

"What do you think is the biggest difference between" cloud fish "and other block chain games? “

Cloud Fish co-founder Zhenghuajiang: In the traditional game, the formation of the social circle is closed and dependent on a large center platform, once the user for a variety of reasons to leave the game temporarily, will face the loss of communication, investment losses and other risks.

And we "cloud fish" through the block chain to build a credit system, because its data is not change, unless you put the data of the ether square ... (You know it ~)

So this means that users get the props through the "cloud fish" platform, even if the current gaming platform collapses, but as long as the code is in the block, he has the ability to go to other games to become other props. That is, small businesses and development teams can get credit for the system, which eases the fear of a small team's ability to sustain development.

"Cloud fish" from the game, the game community and the establishment of the ecology, such as the development of enough to use in the above, cultivate players also formed a "prop can be used across the platform to use" this habit, so that its physical examination is not the same as the general game.

"NetEase block chain pet Game" NetEase recruit Money Cat "project was spread, visible, the most popular block chain + game still need some time to prove, you think how to accept the cloud fish to confirm the time, the development of the block chain game is what risk. “

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