Dog year New Year couplets

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The Golden Rooster reported that dogs drive evil spirits.
Smell the chicken and dance, put the dog to fight.

Dog guard day; Mei Kai ruichun
Dog guard Christmas Eve; que Ming happy year
Dog shoutaiping Shishi; Mei kairuichun
Dog shouliang stay up late; Song entertainment spring
Dog protection and peaceful home; happy year
Dogs can bully tigers; fish smart dragons
Dog offering plum blossom Fu; chicken leaves bamboo
Family exhibition new spring scene; family pictures
Bai Mei lingxue; Huang er reported spring
Wuchun people's drunken club; daily guests visit
Sun Yao jirui; dog year Zhen fuxiang
Yan Rui presented on Sunday; Yan fuxiang, dog year
The Year of the Dog
Hongmeiyang is upright; Huang ears reports excellent news
BGI fish watching; Qingyun bird watching
Lantern hanging market; yuniu Shoumen court
Jiming and zhixiao; Reporting Spring Festival
Three days of chicken dance; wufuchun for dogs
Early morning for Chicken Dance Division; night service for dogs
Chicken carrying bamboo leaves; peat plum blossom

Golden Rooster hand-over roll; yellow dog send Jianyin
Golden Rooster gocathay Pacific; yiwubao min'an
Jinji CI yudian; yuniu leyaotian
Golden Rooster victory coupons; excellent news from yuniu
The Golden Rooster returns for the first time; the Golden Dog delivers spring
The golden rooster fights to report the news; yoru Xi Yingchun
Golden Rooster chasing bamboo leaves; yellow ears stepping plum blossom
Jin Ji Ge xiaodan; Yu dog asked Ping
National Changzhi world; dog shoujia
Spring swallow dance
Chunmian qiangguo dream; dog protection for rich people
Chunxiao Golden Rooster singing; aged Ning Huang erqin
Prosperous Spring Festival; New Year
Long-lived grass in lujie; spring flowers reported by dogs
Yan Jian qiancuan Jin; qianchun
Competition in Germany and poultry
Apsara stack Security
Yarn, yarn, and Yarn
Shun dog is now in China; the Year of the Dog is great.

Horizontal batch

The Year of the Dog
Every Prosperous Family
Long-term stability and safety are great achievements
Family Harmony
Sihai spring Wuzhou tongqing jingtaichun

The opening of the Spring Festival in Kyushu;
The Year of the Dog.

The midnight Bell speaks for Jiqing;
The Year of the Dog burst into peace.

Three Bamboo bamboo;
Wufu Meihua Yiyi dog.

The paths of puppies are too narrow;
Dapeng's wings hate heaven and earth.

The next spring and the next day;
God of Wealth stops to win the door.

Rich people laugh;
Shengshi Ping An dog is not surprised.

Dog guard;
Use a pen to make flowers.

What does the dog guard say;
Ma Chi yuan road is hard.

Dogs are expensive;
Rare in the world.

Jijia Fu;
Jiming prosperous world spring everywhere.

Three or more answers are reported.

Dogs, dogs, and chickens;
Changgeyan dance.

Bright spring;
Song, Yan, and dance are enchanting.

Wufu is welcomed by peat Shuang Qiao;
Three or more reports of chicken snow stone.

Dog bedroom house level knowledge floor heating;
Magpie's Plum Flower spring is new.

Knowledge of Floor Heating before sleep level;
Que dengmei sang Chunming.

Dog viewing portal min Changtai;
The country ruled by law is Yongchun.

Changtai, a dog can watch the night;
If you forget your day, you cannot.

Go with each passing day;
Guotai Min An Yu dog.

Every day;
Year Old Ji nanxiang dog.

Lu Jing, Panasonic data center;

Yue Ming Liu Xiyu Jing;
Yangguang human rooster.

Sun-like new rooster news;
The year-old auspicious dog opens the door.

Cool generations play lion night;
The weather enters the dog year with thousands of ends.

Fang guanzhu Shu Chicken claw;
And mei Hua Yin dog hoof.

Sijian ping'an Yellow Dog reputation;
Kyushu splendid Yu longfei.

Long xianghuaxia received the New Year's Eve;
Qipai cloud tianfen dog year.

Welcome to victory;
You dance and celebrate your return.

Zhao Feng, aged, is full;
The Year of the Dog bless the four hours.

Firetree silver night during the crash;
A dog is a good-looking dog.

Wishing you good luck at all times;
Dog year Zhao Feng five grain incense.
Zhao Feng, a young man, is a fortune manager;
The Year of the Dog bless the four time Ning.

When the chicken is dancing;
Mo is always a hacker.

Xingbang was founded by Peng Zhi;
Serve as an effective dog in China.

Dogs are now pets;
Worms have been a food dish since ancient times.

Great scalability;
Guo Bu well-off chicken dog Ning.

Reporting that Si quit in the morning;
Stay loyal to the night and take over the new class.

Dog tracking plum blossom ruixuefei.

Go to yaochi to deliver good news;
The dog came to the Earth to report spring.

Rooster family fun;
Dog-year-old fortune households.

Go to the Wonderland on jimingtian;
Dogs and dogs enter Baoshan.

Go to the Wonderland on jimingtian;
Dogs enter the cloud to call Baoshan.

National prosperity and strong affinity reform;
The slogan reported that it was pinged.

We still need to report to you;
Safe dog anti-Xiao.

Dogs make pets fashionable;
Magpie reported the gospel of the year.

Dogs are rich cats are expensive;
Hewu shousong yanchu spring.

The dog is happy to watch the portal;
People are over years old.

Dog guard;
Throughout the Four Seasons, people work diligently.

Spring Breeze Lion Dance;
A great deal of fun.

Spring Festival dance;
Social Civilization zombier Ning.

The dog is welcome to the rising sun;
The rooster sang with high heads.

Portal of the dog guard;
Hongzhong shifengqing district.

Liu langwenying, Li Qianyi;
Wanjiian, a sleep dog in chuntai.

Like the spring breeze;
The yundun.

Male dogs can cheat tigers;
Huangsha can be converted into gold.

Quit old spirit, gegeri;
Welcome to the neighborhood news.

The rooster returns to the Golden step;
The yellow dog jumps to Yujie in spring.

Shu liuming Ying qianggu Jing;
A village of chinanetcenter.

Spring Flowers filled with flowers;
Cheng Ming from all over the world.

Shu Jian-yu, Jinji, aged six years old;
Shouhuamen, a dog of the new spring festival.

Rich harvest in ruixue;
Dog's hoof blossoming spring flowers.

Ruixue mingzhao Jing;
Dog's hoof blossoming spring flowers.

At the beginning of the new year, the Mountain Show;
The first day and month of the King's dog.

In front of the Chinese New Year Jade dog;
Hua Xia Jinlong tianwaifei.

Ding Wang, songbai, heming;
Dog guard community security.

Rat's data warehouse keeps track of the cloud;
Dogs sleep for shining.

The police and dogs are under great governance;
X-Dragon powers.

Dogs in Yangwei town are corrupt and evil;
X-Dragon is brave.

The skill of the Police and dogs;
Yunlong division Yi shenchang.

Four-sea Shengping shadow sleep dog;
Wuhu beautiful Liu langwen Ying.

Go to the Age of Jisi morning, the weather is smooth;
This year's dog sleep, Guotai min'an.

The Golden Rooster reported a good voice and a happy family;
Yuniu welcomes the new year's old, household health.

Dog sleep, chicken morning, Wang Kang in sight;
The country is so happy and rich.

In addition to the old rooster, sing the bright and prosperous times;
A sound of reform is coming.

The morning sun is shining with a bright future;
The sleep is full of beautiful scenery like spring.

Reform can be carried out in xingbang, where he shiyarge;
It is not a matter of time when the website is open.

The dog continued to be a chicken, and the snow Yayun, Kyushu, was a year old;
The Chinese New Year is approaching the grand festival, and you will not pay for the New Year.

Thank the Golden Rooster for the liquor and sing it all over the Chinese mainland;
The spring breeze reminded the auspicious dogs to go through the peak.

Golden Rooster Xiao smell chicken dancing Golden Rooster songs Cathay Pacific
Report to the People's Security

The Golden Rooster handed over the roll of dogs and dogs.
Yellow dogs send Jiaming Jiming Yu Sheng-hui dogs

Golden Rooster Xian ruiqin Yizhi dog Xiao Feng Jia Fu chicken years old has added many happiness
Yunig chengxiang zhanhong Jiming Shengshi everywhere spring dog year to the next floor

Long xianghuaxia yingxin-year-old chicken voice flute Yunxiang Yuncan chicken go to yaochi to deliver good news
Qibo cloud tianfen dog year dog tracking plum blossom ruixuefei dog to the Earth to report spring

Dogs, dogs, dogs, birds, spring, and Golden Rooster, return to the competition, plum blossom, and national prosperity and fortune Reform
Singing and dancing, yundun, yundun

Old spirit Chicken song Sun Li Chicken chase sun month xiongfeng dance when the chicken often dance
Meet the new Swiss dog report year Feng dog Yue Shan He Ruiqi Sheng MO for the dog's total security

Rooster family jiale yi dog Teng welcome victory dog painting Hongmei Zhen Wufu
Dog-year-old fortune user huanyuan chicken dancing qingrong returning to chicken question cuizhu newspaper more than three

When the chicken is old, it will be left with bamboo liquor to thank the Golden Rooster and sing it all over China Geda
The dog is eager to go to the peak of the spring when the Plum Blossom Spring Breeze

Dog guard day;
Mei kairuichun.

Yao girI;
The Year of the Dog.

Every day;
Year Old Ji nanxiang dog.

Wishing you good luck at all times;
Dog year Zhao Feng five grain incense.

Dog guard;
Throughout the Four Seasons, people work diligently.

Rich harvest in ruixue;
Dog's hoof blossoming spring flowers.

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