Domain-driven design

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It took two or three weeks. After arriving home at every day, I spent two hours watching part of it. This three weeks I finally finished watching it.

This book is more organized than the object design, which is easier to keep up with the author's ideas. The previous section describes some basic aspects of the domain-driven design, including how to communicate, how to adjust the structure, and what are domain construction blocks. Later, I started to jump out of details and looked at the position and role of all the content in the system from a very high perspective, the preceding content is put together to demonstrate the application of a large proportion of the structure.

After reading this, I suddenly felt that some methodologies are common at different levels. You can apply some designs at a very large system granularity to divide the system into layers, divide modules, and limit system boundaries. Similarly, at a more fine-grained level, for example, in a sub-system, a function, a class, or a function, you can apply a similar idea to yourProgramStructure, so that your system is unified in terms of both the big aspect and the details, and your thoughts will not be inconsistent or even conflict.

In general, this book is of a strong practical nature. The more practical it is, the more theoretical it is, the more you need to combine your practical experience to invest more thoughts. I have gained a lot. I still need to read it again when I leave it empty.

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